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Stop Gossiping – Gossiping at work and elsewhere can get you in hot water – here’s how hypnosis can help you stop


Stop Gossiping – Gossiping at work and elsewhere can get you in hot water – here's how hypnosis can help you stop

Do worry that you have sometimes hurt others with your gossiping?

Do you dislike yourself when you gossip and wonder why you do it?

Let's face it, it's only human to be curious about what's going on with other people. We like to compare other people's lives with our own.

We wonder how successful they are and what their love life is like. We are social creatures – and gossiping is part of that.

‘Gossip' is basically talking about someone else when they are not around. The acid test which shows whether you are gossiping or not is basically to ask yourself: ‘Would the person I am talking about be comfortable with me saying these things about them to these people if they were actually present?'

The harm gossip does

Gossip can seem harmless. A certain amount of sharing of information can be a way of bonding people together in groups, and talking about people who aren't there is part of life – but can you always swear that the person you are talking about would be happy about what you are divulging?

The trouble is that gossip spreads. Sometimes faster than wildfire. And because the story doing the rounds can get distorted – Chinese whispers style – when it finally gets back to the one who was being talked about it can seem malicious. Even if the originator had no such intention.

So even so-called ‘harmless gossip' can ruin reputations – not just the reputation of the subject of the gossip, but your reputation too, if you were the one who started the gossip, or helped to spread it.

Are you addicted to gossip?

Gossip is popular. Without it ‘celebrity culture' would hardly function. And of course celebrities want to be talked about. If we only gossiped about celebrities, maybe that would be all right.

But we don't stop there.

How often have you heard (or been the one to say) ‘Wait till you hear this!' or ‘I shouldn't really be telling you this, but did you know…?'

It's as if gossiping has become an addiction – as if you just can't get enough of it. Stop Gossiping will open your eyes to why and how this happens – and help you get out of the habit before it wrecks your life or your friendships.

How hypnosis can help you transform your gossiping behavior

All behavior is driven by emotion. And emotion can override your best intentions. So when you feel that thrill of excitement that comes with the possibility of gossip, this makes you do something you'd rather not be doing.

Using potent imagery to speak to your deepest self, the Stop Gossiping hypnosis session will help you enter a transformative state where you can untangle yourself from the short term buzz of gossiping. You will learn to stand back, see the bigger picture and be the honorable and trustworthy person you have it in you to be.

Download Stop Gossiping now and start feeling better about yourself. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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