How to Stop Chewing Gum With Hypnosis

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Stop Chewing Gum – Let gentle, permissive hypnosis ease you out of that old habit pattern


Stop Chewing Gum – Let gentle, permissive hypnosis ease you out of that old habit pattern

Have you decided that gum chewing really isn't what you want to be doing?

Are you finding it difficult to break the habit?

Okay, there's nothing evil or desperately harmful about putting a piece of soft sweet tasting rubber in your mouth and chomping on it for hours. There's something soothing about doing that, like thumb sucking.

There's a lot of nice flavors out there too, and nowadays they've more or less solved the sugar problem, so it won't hurt your teeth. Pretty harmless. If you want to chew a stick of gum, go right ahead.

Can you actually stop?

You're not here because occasionally you enjoy a piece of gum.

You're here because you're fed up with doing it all the time. With feeling like you can't do without it.

And perhaps feeling that this isn't right for you. Not how you want to be seen. Or to see yourself. Nothing to do with the mess that gum leaves in our houses and our streets. Nothing to do with the small (although real) health risks.

And why can't you just stop? It's not as if it's smoking, is it?

Why it can be hard to stop chewing gum

The thing is, any habitual behavior, once established, starts to feel like it's an essential part of who you are. When you don't do it, things feel wrong. You feel uncomfortable until you do it.

Just the kind of response you'd want to have about brushing your teeth, say. But not about chewing gum. It would be much better to be able to freely choose to chew or not to chew, while feeling perfectly comfortable, would it not?

So how do you undo that link with ‘who you are'?

How hypnosis can help you stop chewing gum

The Stop Chewing Gum hypnosis session works directly on your unconscious mind to reset the connections that link your identity with this unwanted behavior.

Because you do this while in a trance state, you can eliminate all the ‘uncomfortableness' of changing an established pattern and actually enjoy the process.

You'll soon notice, as you listen regularly to your download,

  • that the old urge to chew arises less and less frequently
  • and when it does, it's weaker, and easier and easier to ignore
  • that you feel a great sense of satisfaction in accomplishing this change
  • that after a while you find you've practically forgotten you ever had such a habit

Download Stop Chewing Gum now and put that redundant habit behind you. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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