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Stop Being Fussy – How to stop being so fussy while keeping your high standards


Stop Being Fussy – How to stop being so fussy while keeping your high standards

Everybody wants things to go right in life. We've all acquired a set of standards that we aim to live up to – and expect others to live up to.

When things don't match up to our standards, it can be quite upsetting. Should we make a fuss and insist that our standards be met? Should we not be so fussy and accept a ‘lower' standard?

How we answer this question can have a big impact on our lives.

High standards – are we right to fuss about them?

At first sight, it seems incontrovertible that setting high standards for ourselves and others is a good thing. It encourages us to aim high, and to improve things.

Why should we put up with jobs not properly done, poor service, badly written communications, unpunctuality, shoddy products or any other manifestation of low standards? Like motherhood and apple pie, who is really going to argue against high standards?

The limits of perfectionism – where fuss fails us

The trouble is, the pursuit of perfection in all areas at all times can backfire on us. Whatever the particular set of standards we have adopted, if we cannot tolerate any departure from them ever, we severely limit our own power to appropriately assess and respond to different situations.

This is because this fussiness tends to blind us to the ‘bigger picture'. We focus on perceived imperfections, and miss what is really important.

The negative consequences of being too fussy

It's easy to see how this can have serious negative consequences. But this is not the only problem with extreme fussiness. The disappointment and irritation we feel when others fail to meet our standards lays a high burden of stress on us.

This perfectionism can actually make us more likely to experience depression. And, as if this were not already enough, we are likely to be quite unpopular, to boot. People don't like fusspots.

Keep your standards – and drop the fuss habit

But if you stop being so fussy, won't this mean compromising values? The very thought of abandoning a cherished principle can make us quail! But here is the good news. It isn't necessary to drop your standards in order to be less fussy.

How so?

When you put your standards at the service of a higher value, you give yourself flexibility in how best to serve that value. If you sometimes need to set a particular standard temporarily aside, you can do so in good conscience with yourself. And that leaves you with only the habit of fussiness to deal with.

And habits, even deeply ingrained ones, can be easily and effectively modified when you use the power of your unconscious mind in hypnosis.

How hypnosis can help you become less fussy and more free

Stop Being so Fussy is an audio hypnosis session which will take you into a profoundly relaxed state deep within yourself – to the place where your core values are created and maintained.

With complete respect for the principles with which you have aligned yourself, Stop Being so Fussy will show you what other perspectives are open to you in being the person you want to be.

Through listening to Stop Being so Fussy, you will learn how to work creatively with your own intuitions to increase your flexibility of thought and responsiveness to the many challenges that life will throw at you.

Download Stop Being so Fussy now and discover new freedom and flexibility. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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