How to Stop Always Having to be Right

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Stop Having to be Right – When you no longer have to be right all the time, your life and relationships can really flourish – hypnosis can help


Stop Having to be Right – When you no longer have to be right all the time, your life and relationships can really flourish – hypnosis can help

Does it feel very important to you to be, and be seen to be, in the right over any disputed matter?

Are you fed up with constantly getting into petty arguments and rows over differences of opinion?

There's no denying that it feels good when our views and opinions are validated by events, or otherwise shown to be correct. It gives a boost to our self-esteem and (let's admit it) allows us to feel superior to the people who turned out to be ‘wrong'.

There are also times when being proved right really can be a matter of life and death – when you have been falsely accused, for instance.

Do you have to be right to know who you are?

But in fact it's fairly rare for it to really matter, in any fundamental way, who is right and who wrong. Sure, we all have opinions, and they matter to us because they are part of ‘who we are'.

But this is true for everyone. And it's very evident that our opinions are more often at variance than they are aligned. So arguing over who is right is often just setting up ‘who I am' against ‘who you are' – which can only end in trouble.

The painful consequences when you always have to be right

This may be what has brought you to this page – the trouble that follows from an excessive insistence on being acknowledged as ‘right'. It's hard to have rewarding relationships with people whose opinions you feel bound to quash because they conflict with yours.

It can feel as if life is nothing but one great long string of petty – yet ultimately debilitating – arguments. Being right can go really sour on you.

There can be many reasons why you developed a habit of insisting on being right whatever the circumstances. It may be due to childhood experiences of having your opinions ignored, or later conflicts where you felt you had to assert yourself in order to get what you needed or wanted.

But behaviors that are adopted in times of real need can become fixed and turn into hindering habits that are no longer appropriate to your life.

When you accept differences you don't have to be right all the time

The good news is that even long-established negative habits can be modified and replaced with more beneficial and fruitful ones. And the even better news is that dropping the habit of having to be right won't make you ‘wrong'.

Instead, it will allow you to accept and acknowledge the right (!) of others to have their opinions without feeling that your own position is somehow threatened.

How hypnosis can help you let go of the need to have to be right

And the best, simplest, and most effective way to set about changing a long-standing habit in favor of a better one is to use hypnosis. Hypnosis allows you to access that part of your mind which manages your instinctive behaviors.

People imagine that instinctive behaviors are ‘fixed' and unchangeable, but this is not so. Our brains constantly construct new ‘instinctive' behaviors, and hypnosis lets you in on this.

Stop Always Having to be Right is an audio hypnosis session created by experienced psychologists that will allow you to comfortably and easily develop a new, wider perspective.

As you relax into a wonderful deep trance state, your mind will open up to a range of new possibilities for dealing with the inevitable differences of opinion that will occur on any given day.

As you listen to this session on a regular basis, you will notice that you

  • see more of the ‘big picture' of life
  • feel calmer when conflicts of opinion arise
  • actually look forward to discovering the opinions of others
  • begin to value what you can learn from differences
  • get on better with other people and enjoy more respect

Download Stop Always Having to be Right and open up to the world. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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