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Selling Yourself – Let hypnosis align your unconscious mind to make selling yourself comfortable and convincing


Selling Yourself – Let hypnosis align your unconscious mind to make selling yourself comfortable and convincing

Have you ever had the feeling that you've been beaten to the line by someone just because they sold themselves so well?

That they were no better than you but the way they projected themselves won the day for them?

To create a good impression on potential employers, friends, even lovers, isn't about being fake or worrying too much what they think. It simply means knowing how to project your strong points and favourable characteristics and having the self confidence to do so.

Selling yourself well doesn't mean arrogantly telling others how great you are! In fact people who just ‘big themselves' up all the time actually come across as less sure of themselves simply because they obviously have to try too hard.

But on some level you do need to present yourself well.

Under-selling yourself is a habit that can be broken

A common mistake people make is to sell themselves short. They actively put themselves down, talk about their failures, weaknesses and mistakes.

They'll tell you what they can't do or attempt and why they are unable to do this or that. This self effacement can be so effective that pretty soon other people start to agree with you!!

If you are too self-deprecatory, too publicly self-critical and describe your self in too limiting terms then it gives permission to others to join in and think about you, even talk about you in limiting ways.

You don't have to go around saying: ‘I did a wonderful job!' but you can say things like: ‘I'm really pleased with the way that turned out!'

This sends the clear message that you have qualities/skills and so on.

What you need to sell yourself well

So how do you sell yourself well? Well how you sell yourself is down to your communication and to the way you feel inside.

Your communication happens through the way you dress, are groomed, move, speak and the subtle expressions of your face.

Strong eye contact and a firm positive voice all show confidence. Smiling and being interested in what others have to say indicate attentiveness and friendliness. The demonstration of clear ideas and thoughtfulness display logic and so on.

This Sell Yourself hypnosis session will present clear ways to sell yourself so that your subconscious mind can absorb then use these methods.  It's easy for the little negative voice in your head to sneer at you before you meet others to remind you of what you feel you're not good at.

Sell Yourself will help you find a way that you're comfortable to project your best attributes, in a way that feels authentic and comfortable to you. You will just feel like you're being honest.

We want you to sell yourself in the best way possible so you need to be able to relax, to feel confident and to really be on your own side!

Download Sell Yourself now and enjoy being honest about your good points. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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