How to Overcome Post-Divorce Bitterness

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Soothe Divorce – Heal your wounds after divorce with this permissive, gentle hypnosis session.


Soothe Divorce – Heal your wounds after divorce with this permissive, gentle hypnosis session.

Most people embark on marriage with high hopes and expectations and good intentions. You want it to go well. You hope it will go well. You're prepared to do your darnedest to make it go well.

You can't conceive that you and the person you love and adore may not stay happily together forever. You don't imagine you may one day find yourself desperately looking for a cure for the bitterness in your soul.

But sadly, when marriages end, amicable divorce is the exception, not the rule.

It is shocking how bad you can feel after divorce

Most people are shocked to discover the depths of bitterness in which the end of their marriage and the process of divorce plunges them.

It's hard to believe you really can feel such an intensity of hatred, anger, or resentment, or some combination, towards the former light of your life.

Even if your bitterness is entirely justified by events, its sheer strength can be frightening, or even make you fear you are going mad.

Unhealed bitterness can blight your life if you don't put a stop to it

And it can feel so hard to escape from this bitterness. It consumes you. It's as if every waking moment is taken up with going over and over the injustice, the hurt, the betrayal, the loss.

This stokes up the bitterness even more. It can invade your dreams until no part of your life is safe from it. At the same time, you rapidly realize that it is doing you no good at all. But how can you stop feeling bitter? How can you switch it off?

Bitterness damages more than just your emotions

That bitterness really does need to be ‘switched off', because it harms more than your emotions. Recent divorcees, even if the divorce was a ‘good thing', have high levels of stress, anxiety, and even depression.

They don't sleep well. They don't eat properly. Their immune system is weakened. They are not great company, and other relationships may break down around them – just when they need all their friends.

Coming safely through divorce – two important steps

If you want to keep the damaging effects of divorce to a minimum, there are two important things to remember. One is that divorce – even if you seek it – represents a serious loss.

This means that you may find yourself going through a process of grief. If divorce also represented something wonderful – like escape – this can be confusing. But if you honor the need to grieve, and attend to it, you will survive the process much better.

Secondly, however overpowering and all-consuming the emotions associated with bitterness may feel, it really is possible to bring back a level of calm into your life, and begin to allow the wounds to heal. And you can start to do that today.

How hypnosis can help you find healing for divorce bitterness

Soothe Divorce Bitterness is an audio hypnosis session which will allow you to enter a state of profound relaxation such as you may not have known since your divorce got under way, or even before. Just letting go for a while of the day to day stress of dealing with all the aspects of divorce will bring wonderful relief to mind and body.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for working with deep emotions and healing the inner wounds that beset us on life's journey. Soothe Divorce Bitterness will help you discover your own way through the difficult feelings roused by your divorce – much sooner than you would have believed possible.

Download Soothe Divorce Bitterness now and enjoy the effects of this truly healing balm for the mind. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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