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Overcome Lethargy – Use hypnosis to get your unconscious mind more motivated


Overcome Lethargy – Use hypnosis to get your unconscious mind more motivated

Are you tired of being tired; bored of being bored?

Lethargy robs you of motivation and without motivation you do nothing. It’s often, but not always, easier to do nothing than to do something.

But even the most lethargic among us will usually be motivated to scratch an unbearable itch or to remove a hand from a hot plate. So, people without motivation do have motivation sometimes.

Causes of lethargy

If you have become unusually lethargic recently and this is out of character then we urge you to seek a medical diagnosis as there may be a physical cause. So consult your physician.

Unstable blood sugar levels, food intolerances, diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome may all be causes of lethargy. Or perhaps you have been over working and have just become exhausted and simply need to rest.

But if you feel your lethargy has just become a habit and it’s now automatic for you to respond to a call to action with a: ‘What’s the point?’ or a: ‘Why bother?’ then the Overcome Lethargy hypnosis session is for you.

Learnt lethargy

There is no ‘gene for lethargy’ (just as there is no gene for depression) but attitudes can be passed from one person to another like an infection. Maybe people around you are non-doers or family members were apathetic and you just picked it up.

Perhaps you are unhappy about certain things in your life and that has made you stop bothering just when you need to be proactive. Maybe there are things you just know you should be getting on with but you procrastinate and have become one of life’s spectators.

If 99% of success is about showing up then clearly lethargy is a big disadvantage. If someone is happy with being lethargic and just being along for the ride that’s ok but most lethargic people seem unhappy and bored.

Lethargy and pessimism

If boredom is twinned with lethargy then pessimism is a first cousin. Because if ‘it won’t work anyway‘ then what’s the point of even trying? Pessimism and lethargy can be brain washed into people by a wider group.

Lethargy as a ‘get out clause’

Some people consciously or unconsciously may believe that not even trying is better than trying and being seen to fail. This may seem cowardly but it certainly does happen.

This relaxing hypnotic session seeks to lift lethargy and give you a shot of motivation and compulsion to act and work.

Download Overcome Lethargy now and make the first move to a happier, more engaged life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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