How to Overcome Kids’ First Day at School Separation Anxiety

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School Separation Anxiety – A hypnotic fairy tale to calm kids’ fears about starting school


School Separation Anxiety – A hypnotic fairy tale to calm kids’ fears about starting school

Is your child over-anxious and clingy about starting school?

Are they (or you) worried about how they will cope with being apart from you?

Anxious behavior in young kids who are about to start school or engage in some other activity apart from their parents or caregivers is not a sign that they have separation anxiety disorder – or indeed any disorder at all!

It's a normal part of child development as a child moves from the safe, closed, protected world of home where Mom and Dad are ‘always there' to the wider world of school, other children and adults who are not family.

What is child school separation anxiety all about?

Until it's happened many times, a small child has no way of knowing that home and Mom and Dad can be relied on in the background of other things they are doing.

Even when parents and teachers carefully explain, even when a child is introduced to new activities a little at a time – say spending just an hour in nursery school at first – a child does not yet have enough knowledge and experience to be able to make sense of it all.

So although going out into the big world is exciting, and will undoubtedly help your child grow and develop as a human being, it is also stressful. And as children are all unique individuals, they will each respond in their own way to their anxieties about separation.

Some kids take to it ‘like a duck to water' and are relaxed and happy from the outset. Others need longer to adapt themselves to the new situation.

How parents can help a child with school separation anxiety

In some cases a child may get a bit overwhelmed by their anxiety and become excessively clingy, tearful, fretful and difficult. This can be a difficult time for parents too. Should they be brisk and matter of fact? Should they be gentle and soothing and let this clearly distressed child just stay home from school?

It's important to reassure your child about what, exactly, you are going to do and what they can expect. And stick to it.

And there is something else you can do to help them get over their worries.

A hypnotic fairy tale to help your child overcome their fears

Overcome School Separation Anxiety is an audio download story for young children created by psychologists experienced in dealing with anxieties and fears. It tells the tale of Little Fox Sammy, who really didn't want to go to school, and how he learned to be brave.

This delightful story is not just a tale of magic (though there's magic a plenty). It teaches the listener a highly effective way to face any challenging situation. So this download is more than just a remedy for school separation anxiety in children – it is a powerful lesson in important life skills. Learning these skills at an early age will be invaluable to any child (and their parents!).

Download Overcome School Separation Anxiety and give your child (and yourself) the pleasure of a great story that could actually change their life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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