How to Overcome Infidelity in Your Relationship

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Overcoming Infidelity – A partner’s cheating is difficult to deal with. Get some hypnotic help managing your emotions.


Overcoming Infidelity – A partner's cheating is difficult to deal with. Get some hypnotic help managing your emotions.

If anyone tells you you should forget about your partner's infidelity and move on then they don't really understand.

Because overcoming infidelity can be like a grieving process. You grieve for the relationship you used to have, when you trusted your partner, and grieving can take time.

Of course if your partner is compulsively unfaithful then you need to take a long hard look at your relationship but if you suspect their cheating was a one-off, perhaps a response to unhappiness and your relationship is worth saving, then it will be wonderful to start to feel differently about what happened.

However, this doesn't mean minimizing the infidelity or letting them off the hook.

Forgiving infidelity: easier said than done

The fact is that you can forgive your partner's cheating in your mind but at the same time, find it hard to forgive them in your heart.

But perhaps your relationship is worth saving. Maybe you have children or many other good things about the relationship that make you want to fight for it.

Changing how you feel about their cheating, not just how you think

Just as a ship that has weathered a storm can continue its voyage after repairs have been made, so too can a relationship continue after the ‘storm' of infidelity.

No one expects you just to continue as if nothing happened but there are ways of putting it to one side and continuing to live in the present and future with your partner.

It's important to remember that your emotions can basically run independently of your thoughts. So you may ‘think' you have forgiven but not ‘feel' as if you have. This session seeks to change the way you respond emotionally to thoughts or memories of your partner's infidelity.

Bringing back peace to your mind

Discovery of cheating can cause emotional trauma. Attempts at forgiveness can just rake up anger, insecurity and a sense of ‘how could you do this to me; to us?' But without forgiveness you can spend each and every day without peace.

Forgiving adultery is not about telling your partner what they did was ok but about finding peace in your own mind so life can be easier for you. It's better to treat people in ways that are worthy of us as people.

Relationships can survive and overcome infidelity and this session will help you feel more comfortable in your life and move beyond what happened.

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