How to Overcome Fear of Touch and Being Touched

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Fear of Touch – Hypnosis can help you relax with touch so it feels totally different


Fear of Touch – Hypnosis can help you relax with touch so it feels totally different

Do you carefully avoid certain situations and encounters because of a fear of being touched (haphephobia)?

Do you always shrink back when you come into physical contact with someone?

We all jump when we are suddenly and unexpectedly touched. Our skin is highly sensitive, and it is one thing to deliberately engage in physical contact with someone or something, and quite another to find yourself being touched when you weren't expecting it.

It can give you a rush of adrenaline (the hormone that triggers your fight or flight response) that makes your heart thump or your guts get tied up in knots.

Quite unpleasant, but normal, and usually quickly over and forgotten.

But some people find that it's not just unexpected contact that makes them jump. It's any kind of physical contact at all.

It may not make any difference whether the other person is someone you know well, or even someone you love, or a complete stranger.

The very idea of touch, in any circumstance, is intolerable. Which means you have to be very careful where you go and what you do. Which means it's hard to get close to anyone…

Knowing why you are afraid of being touched doesn't help you

People can become fearful of touching and/or being touched for all kinds of reasons. But even if you know the reason, this is not likely to make you any more ready to tolerate or enjoy contact.

Your brain has made a negative emotional association to touch, and every time there is a risk (real or perceived) of coming into physical contact with someone, it warns you in an unmistakable way that THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING.

Fortunately, it is perfectly possible to remove a negative emotional association and replace it with a positive one. And quickly.

And here's how.

How hypnosis can help you quickly build a positive association to touch

Overcome Fear of Touch is an audio hypnosis session focused specifically on transforming how you feel about physical contact in a way that's completely comfortable for you.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll experience some remarkable changes happening in yourself. You'll notice that:

  • you relax deeper and faster each time you listen
  • your response to touch (the thought and the reality) rapidly loses its negative intensity
  • you feel much more relaxed about contact and start to enjoy it more than you expected
  • you can appropriately and comfortably give and receive physical contact in different contexts
  • you can still set your own boundaries as you see fit.

Download Overcome Fear of Touch and get really comfortable in your skin. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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