How to Overcome Fear of Poverty

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Fear of Poverty – Become calm around the idea of being poor with hypnosis


Fear of Poverty – Become calm around the idea of being poor with hypnosis

Fear of poverty doesn't sometimes overwhelm you because you are stupid, or ignorant.

You know what's going on. You are aware of the economic situation – both in your personal life and in the general economic environment in which you live.

You know the pressures you are under, and you have some idea of the resources and skills you have – or can find – to deal with them. So why the crippling fear?

Fear of having nothing can ruin your life

And fear of poverty is crippling, is it not? You can get so lost in a terrifying fantasy about how terrible life would be if you had to get by on much less than you have now that you can become blind to the genuine opportunities that present themselves.

And you can be paralyzed by your fear into inaction even when you do see the opportunities. And your zest for and enjoyment of life goes right down the drain.

Understanding the fear of becoming poor

Being afraid of becoming poor is not as simple as being afraid of spiders or of being mugged. It's not simply to do with money, either.

It's a complex package of feelings around highly emotionally arousing issues of survival, identity, happiness, self-worth and meaning. High emotional arousal has a well-known effect on us humans. It wrecks our ability to think clearly and make rational decisions.

Why fear affects you the way it does

The feeling of paralysis that fear of poverty can engender is due to a specific effect of emotional arousal caused by threat. When you feel threatened (i.e. feel that your life is in danger), your body automatically fires up your ‘fight or flight' response, which sends adrenaline coursing through you.

In a situation where neither fight nor flight is possible, this causes you to ‘freeze' – to become as if paralyzed.

Now of course having less money or other resources is not really a direct threat to life like someone holding a knife to your throat.

But because we often tend to feel (very strongly) that what we have is who we are, then a threat to what we have is a threat to who we are – i.e. a life threat. And our automatic response kicks in even if we know rationally that this doesn't make sense. And doesn't help us cope with our real situation.

How you can disconnect the old pattern of fear with hypnosis

But is it actually possible to uncouple a response which is automatic and so by definition not under your control?

If you want to be able to stay calm and realistic in changing economic circumstances, and be able to continue to get enjoyment and satisfaction out of your life no matter what is going on, can you stop yourself from getting caught up in frightening imaginings?

Overcome Fear of Poverty is an audio hypnosis session which will help you connect with the unconscious ‘programming' that generates your fear response and ‘reprogram' it. It's like resetting an over-sensitive car alarm, so that it doesn't fire up when someone just walks by, say, but only when there is a genuine break-in.

This powerful session is about learning to calm down your emotional brain. You will enjoy a wonderful experience of really profound relaxation – a process which itself brings down emotional arousal and allows you to see things in their true perspective.

And you will discover how to connect with and amplify the wealth of inner resources that nature has blessed you with so that you can make the most of your life.

Download Overcome Fear of Poverty and free yourself to enjoy life, whatever your financial position. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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