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Fear of Mice – Why hypnosis can help you conquer mice phobia quickly and comfortably


Fear of Mice – Why hypnosis can help you conquer mice phobia quickly and comfortably

Do you sometimes get unbearably overwhelmed by the fear of mice?

Does your phobia make it impossible to be in certain places?

Just why a paralyzing fear of mice is the butt of so many a stand-up comic routine, while you never hear anybody making rib-tickling jokes about the (equally common) fear of spiders, is a mystery. What is so funny about it? It can't be because mice are so small. After all, most spiders are far tinier.

But of course the issue with both these phobias is not the size of the creature that triggers the fear reaction. And in fact, size is quite immaterial when it comes to phobia. People who have a dog phobia will have exactly the same reaction to a tiny Chihuahua as to a Great Dane. Furthermore, there is no one specific attribute of any creature or object that can be clearly identified as ‘phobia causing'.

You see, because a phobia is attached to a specific trigger (mice, spiders, buttons, dogs, and so on), people wrongly conclude that there is something about the trigger itself that caused the phobia. This is not the case. A phobia is 'caused' when you have a traumatic experience of some kind (though it is important to remember that not all traumatic experiences lead to phobias).

How you acquire an irrational fear of mice (or anything else)

Here's how it works. When something really bad happens to you (‘really bad' meaning that you feel terribly anxious, frightened or disturbed about it, even if others react differently), your brain goes into panic mode and looks around to see what caused the trouble. And it will pick on anything in the environment at the time that looks a likely suspect. And that thing gets chemically labeled in your brain as ‘Danger!'.

This means that, in future, whenever you encounter that thing or creature, or sometimes even when you just think about it, you experience an adrenaline rush and your body switches into ‘fight or flight' mode, because your brain has identified this as a threat, which you must be protected against.

Phobias can be useful – in very particular circumstances

This is a pretty useful mechanism when it comes to things like dangerous snakes, or wild animals, but you have to agree it's way off the mark when we're talking about the common mouse, who might be an unwelcome unhygenic visitor,  but is certainly no serious threat to a human. The threat is entirely the other way.

But knowing this is not enough to switch off the feeling of fear that automatically arises when you see a mouse. To switch it off, that chemical label your brain applied back in the past has to be removed. Telling yourself not to be silly won't do it. You have to go into the workings of the brain itself and tinker with its ‘settings'. And by far the best and most effective way to do this is with hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help you easily overcome mice phobia

Overcome Fear of Mice is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists with wide experience in helping people overcome phobias and traumatic experiences. Its powerful hypnotic suggestions work directly on the unconscious instinctive ‘behavior' templates that your brain has stored over your lifetime, and update them to your present circumstances.

As you listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that your feelings about mice begin to change dramatically. You'll notice that

  • you relax more and more deeply each time you listen
  • the background feeling of stress diminishes and fades
  • you find yourself becoming increasingly indifferent to mice
  • you no longer look out for signs of their presence
  • even if you see a mouse, you are only mildly surprised and even curious about it
  • longer and longer periods go by where you completely forget to think about them

Download Overcome Fear of Mice and free yourself from this fear for good. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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