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Fear Of Emotions – Why hypnosis can help you get comfortable with all kinds of emotional communication


Fear Of Emotions – Why hypnosis can help you get comfortable with all kinds of emotional communication

Does fear of emotion dictate how you behave, or let others behave?

Are you always ‘people pleasing' to avoid people getting upset or angry with you?

Extreme emotions can be scary, it is true. Very angry or very frightened people can be quite destructive, even if they don't mean to. Extreme positive emotions can cause difficulties too.

Euphoric people (brides and grooms on their wedding day, for instance) can't think straight, and this is one reason why they need a ‘best man' and ‘bridesmaids'. These assistants, it is hoped, will stay calm and keep everything on track.

Another effect of strong emotions is that they color everything around them. They can make trivial matters seem like life and death issues – sometimes to the point that important things that really do need the full attention of a cool head get sidelined, because the emotions have focused attention in the wrong direction.

Some people use emotions for dramatic effect

We all know ‘drama queens' (and kings!) who respond to everything with lots of emotion (positive or negative), whether it's merited or not. This allows them to feel that their lives have meaning, that they are at the center of a significant human story.

We all need a sense of meaning, but trying to meet this need with our own emotional excess is ultimately a hollow exercise (and pretty tiresome for everyone around us).

Why people sometimes become afraid of feelings

Why do some people become fearful of emotions, their own or other people's? Typically, this tends to happen when you have had bad experiences with other people's inability (or unwillingness) to regulate their emotional responses appropriately.

And it can also happen when people around you respond very negatively to your emotions – telling you that being angry means that you're bad, for instance, and punishing you.

The good news about emotions

But at bottom, emotions are a vital and wonderful part of being human. They are our interaction with the world. They protect us, spur us into action, thrill us, enthuse us, connect us, amuse us, uplift us or cast us down. They give life flavor and variety.

Emotions are neither good nor bad in themselves. Sometimes they can run away with us, but we have evolved the capacity to rein them in when we need, without having to quash them.

And that means that, whatever negative experiences you have had around emotions in the past, you can develop a much happier ‘relationship' with how you – and other people – feel. And one of the easiest and fastest ways to bring this about is with the help of hypnosis.

How hypnosis can help you overcome fear of emotions

Fear is produced by the unconscious mind (you don't concsiously decide to get scared!)

And hypnosis is excellent at helping you update your unconscious mind with the sorts of responses you actually want.

Overcome Fear of Emotions is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you transform how you feel about feelings. The gentle, permissive hypnotherapy it contains will ease away your fear so that you feel comfortable to deal with emotions as you see fit.

Download Overcome Fear of Emotions now and see the World in a whole new way. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice some very important changes taking place within you. You'll notice that

  • you feel hugely more relaxed and ‘laid back' generally
  • you start to get more comfortable expressing your real feelings
  • you are more able to stay detached from other people's aroused emotions and recognize that it's their business
  • you can hold back your emotions when necessary, without feeling that you have to do it all the time
  • you start to enjoy life so much more

Download Fear of emotions and let your full humanity show.

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