How to Love Your Imperfect Partner More Perfectly

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Love Your Imperfect Partner – Hypnosis can stop those little irritations ruining your relationship


Love Your Imperfect Partner – Hypnosis can stop those little irritations ruining your relationship

On a scale of 1 to 10, just how perfect is your partner?

If you've only recently got together, they might be right up there at 10. ‘Match made in heaven!'

But if you've been together a while, you've probably bumped down to earth and may be wondering who is this person and what are you doing together? It's like the scales have fallen from your eyes and now every imperfection blazes like a beacon.

Noticing that you have an imperfect partner. (And are one.)

It's very disconcerting when this first happens. When you're first in love, everything about your partner seems wonderful. The way they look. The way they talk. You love their mannerisms. Their foibles seem so cute.

You can't imagine ever feeling annoyed or upset with them. Nothing could be more delightful than to be with them 24/7. So when that first little niggle of irritation appears – you quash it right down. Quick.

When imperfections take over the world

When you first start noticing that you feel really annoyed or frustrated by some of your partner's habits, you may tell yourself you're imagining it. Or that maybe you're tired or stressed, and getting things out of proportion.

Or you think that in time you'll both adjust and these little glitches won't matter. But over time, it all mounts up. And then they can start to seem more important than anything else.

Is this imperfect partner really meant for you?

So when you find yourself tensing whenever your wife goes to answer the phone because you just know she's going to give that silly little giggle you (and everyone else, you're sure) find so utterly childish, or when you find yourself avoiding certain friends, because your husband just doesn't ‘match up' somehow, it's no wonder you begin to wonder “Are they really my ‘perfect partner' after all…?”

And then what do you do?

Finding and holding the real value in a relationship

Firstly, don't panic! If there's real value in your relationship, that value is still there. It may be that you have simply lost sight of it in the haze of exasperation that makes you focus on failings and flaws at the expense of strengths and good qualities.

Nobody is ‘perfect', and your imperfect partner is no exception (nor are you, of course). That doesn't necessarily mean you can't love them and be very happy together.

How can you think clearly when you're so upset?

It can be hard to think clearly about what is happening because, by its very nature, relationship is emotional. And strong emotions – whether positive or negative – cloud your thinking.

This is where the deep relaxation and calm mind you can enjoy through hypnosis can come to your aid.

Using hypnosis to help you love your imperfect partner

Love Your Imperfect Partner is an audio hypnosis session which will help you calm down all the emotions you feel around the relationship so that you can see it more clearly.

As you become more deeply relaxed and clear headed, you will find that you can take a much more balanced perspective in your mind and see the true value this relationship has for you.

This session builds on the most up-to-date psychological understandings of relationship health and stability, and you will find yourself automatically and easily absorbing the principles that will help you sustain and nurture your relationship in the way that feels right for you.

You will feel much more relaxed about your partner's (and your own) imperfections and be able to concentrate on enjoying life together.

Download Love Your Imperfect Partner now and relax into the joy of appreciating the one you love for who they really are. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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