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Aspergers Wife – Develop the emotional skills to smooth the path of AS/NT relationships with hypnosis


Aspergers Wife – Develop the emotional skills to smooth the path of AS/NT relationships with hypnosis

Do you know that – or wonder if – you have an Aspergers wife?

Are you worried about the long term prospects of your relationship?

Relationships between men who are ‘neuro-typical' (NT) and women who are affected by Aspergers are as rich and varied as any other relationship, but they do bring a unique set of challenges.

Asperger Syndrome (also known as Aspergers and often shortened to AS) is a developmental condition that causes people to have some difficulty empathizing with others. It makes them prone to misunderstanding subtle implication, metaphor, or ironic humor, making them appear more distant or awkward in social situations. People with Aspergers can get overwhelmed by complex tasks, changing circumstances, or loud, busy environments with lots of sensory stimuli.

Recognizing the Aspergers wife

Aspergers is diagnosed four times more often in men than it is in women, though this may be partly because the symptoms are less easy to recognize in women. It expresses itself differently in different people, so these are only generalizations, but women with Aspergers are generally better at disguising their symptoms by mimicking people around them, even though it never feels really natural for them to do so. Asperger women can actually be extremely sensitive to signs of emotion in other people, and yet still not know what the socially appropriate thing to do is if someone is upset or angry.

This can seem very puzzling – seeing your Aspergers wife, for example, clearly being emotionally affected by some situation, as people typically expect women to be, yet acting in ways that look quite callous or detached. But this doesn't mean she is a hypocrite or a manipulator. She is simply processing emotions and actions in a different way than a neuro-typical woman would.

Typically (this is not a hard and fast rule), NTs handle experience through a mix of thoughts and feelings. People with AS tend to rely much more on logical analysis, so much so that other people often think they lack any emotional understanding or response (which is not the case). Not surprisingly, this can all lead to a lot of misunderstanding and frustration!

So what can a husband or partner of a woman with AS do to make life easier for himself and for her?

Hypnosis is a fast and powerful way to develop emotional intelligence

Aspergers wife is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists with wide experience of helping couples with AS-related difficulties. It will help you develop and hone the emotional intelligence skills that can transform your relationship.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll find a number of significant changes taking place. In particular, you'll notice that

  • you feel so much more relaxed in yourself generally
  • you discover new reserves of patience and acceptance
  • you understand your wife's strengths and vulnerabilities at a much deeper level
  • you get more creative at finding new ways to communicate effectively
  • you take active steps to look after your own emotional well being
  • you really begin to enjoy your life together much more

Download Aspergers wife and really enhance your life together.

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