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Creepy Crawlies – A hypnotic story to help kids relax around the bugs


Creepy Crawlies – A hypnotic story to help kids relax around the bugs

Is your child terrified of creepy crawlies?

Do their fears make them hang back from activities where they might encounter insect life?

Feeling anxious or worried by tiny little creatures scurrying about is quite common among children, and most get over it eventually without help. However, for some kids, the very sight of spiders or ants or bees can continue to be a source of panic, to the point where they start to avoid doing things where they might encounter bugs or worms. And then they can start to worry about their fear, making things even tougher!

Of course, it doesn't help to tell a child “Don't be silly! It's just a teeny bug!” Even quite small children can understand that their fear doesn't really make any sense. But this doesn't help them to stop feeling afraid. These reactions are unconscious and not something you can control by will power. (You probably know people who have carried such irrational fears into adulthood as ‘phobias'.)

But this doesn't mean you can't help. As the fear rises out of the unconscious, the best way to influence it is through the unconscious. And the best way to do that is with a story, which reaches parts of us (and children) that all the sensible talk in the world cannot reach.

A hypnotic story can help a child develop new instinctive skills

Creepy crawlies is an audio download story created especially for young children. A mysterious encounter in a dark forest leads the heroine into three magical dreams that change how she sees the world.

Children love to listen to the same stories over and over, and this repetition will help the child unconsciously absorb and integrate the pattern of response built into the story that will help them feel at ease no matter what tiny creatures they meet.

Download Creepy crawlies and help your child get more comfortable in the world.

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