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Keep Secrets – There’s no better friend than one who can keep your secrets – learn how with hypnosis


Keep Secrets – There's no better friend than one who can keep your secrets – learn how with hypnosis

Shall I let you into a secret? What more fascinating question could you ever hope to hear?

As soon as we hear the words, our hearts start to beat a little faster, our eyes brighten and focus, our bodies tense up. We are all anticipation.

Why? Because having access to hidden knowledge gives us a sense of power. And the person who tells us the secret feels even more powerful. And that's why it's so tempting not to keep secrets.

Secrets and power – the importance of trust

We all like to give and receive attention, and sharing information, particularly if we have privileged access to it (i.e. we know a ‘secret'), is one of the most satisfying ways to meet this basic human need.

This is the basis of all gossip. “I know something that you don't. But if I tell you, you will be indebted to me.” That's how it works. In most cases, it does little harm. But there are times when being able to keep a secret is vital.

If you have been in the habit of letting secrets slip, people who know you will also know not to trust you with something really important. Which means that your relationships with others will have little trust in them, and will be the poorer for it. You won't get as much respect as you would like.

Easy promises – a recipe for disappointment

And if you find it hard to keep a secret you have promised to hold safe, what about the other promises you make? Do you find yourself promising things before you've really thought about what it will entail, and then discover that you can't deliver on your word?

It's very tempting to say ‘yes' to people and so gain their approval. But if you can't deliver what you promised, the resulting let down can wreck your reputation.

Personal integrity is more valuable in the long run

So ultimately we all have to weigh up the short term rush we get from sharing secrets that are not ours, or being over-ready with our promises, with the long term real benefits that come from knowing how to keep quiet and how to say ‘no' when ‘yes' is not feasible.

Being trustworthy and reliable. To ourselves and everyone else.

How hypnosis can help you build up your personal integrity

But just how do you set about building your personal integrity if you've not already had a lot of practice at it? It's not something you can take classes in.

And old habits can seem hard to change. Particularly in view of the temptations. The answer is to tap into your deepest core values. And the easiest way to do that is to make use of the power of hypnosis.

Keeping Secrets and Promises is an audio hypnosis session which takes the effort out of choosing a new path in life by making the new behavior feel natural and comfortable – as if you've been doing it for years.

Listening to Keeping Secrets and Promises, you will find yourself relaxing more deeply than you have ever done before. But this is not an 'empty' relaxation.

The masterful hypnotic suggestions you will hear will allow you to review your core values and magnify their power in your life, so that you can cast out unwanted behavior patterns and establish a new template more in keeping with the real you.

Download Keeping Secrets and Promises now and let your true integrity shine through. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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