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Negotiation Training – You can train yourself to be a better negotiator with hypnotic negotiation training


Negotiation Training – You can train yourself to be a better negotiator with hypnotic negotiation training

Do you find yourself getting nervous in bargaining or negotiation situations?

Do you sometimes look back over your business or personal ‘deals' and feel that you could have got a better outcome?

Some people say that life is nothing but an endless series of ‘deals' that you have to negotiate, and you have to admit, they've got a point! Even as small children we find ourselves having to sort out what we want alongside what others want.

As children, we often find ourselves in the weakest bargaining position, but often what we learn about bargaining then powerfully influences what we do later, as adults.

Early negotiation training is not always the best

And there is no regulation of what bargaining lessons you learn. It is not a school subject.

Your home circumstances, the attitudes and behaviors of the people who raised you, all will have molded how you turn out as a negotiator – and without you even being aware of it. It's only later that you might come to question whether ‘your way' is really bringing you the results that you actually want.

There are many books and online resources you can turn to in order to help you refine the ‘technicalities' of your negotiation methods, and it can be very helpful to do so.

You will learn a great deal about the ‘how to' of getting the best out of different bargaining strategies. But knowing ‘how to' is one thing – and feeling at ease with working out a good compromise for all parties in sometimes tricky situations is another.

How to become a better negotiator

For complete bargaining confidence, you need to remold the inner unconscious attitudes that have come out of your past experience so that they serve you better.

And how do you do that?

Negotiation Training is an audio hypnosis session designed to instill negotiating and bargaining confidence at the instinctive level.

Created by experienced psychologists, this powerful hypnotic session will get you feeling calm and in control whenever you are faced with needing to get a good deal – whether in business or in your private life.

As you relax into a deep learning trance, you will find yourself almost effortlessly becoming a master of balancing your desire to be successful and effective as a negotiator with establishing and maintaining the right state of mind to shine in the role.

As you listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice yourself more and more just naturally:

  • able to interact persuasively and confidently with other people
  • seeing where people are coming from and being able to take account of this
  • identifying and calmly holding to your own limits in a deal
  • compromising effectively when this is the best solution
  • actively enjoying the process of cooperating with others to bring about good outcomes for all

Download Negotiation Training now and put more win-wins into your life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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