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Improve Concentration Kids – A hypnotic story to help children focus and learn


Improve Concentration Kids – A hypnotic story to help children focus and learn

Are you worried that your child may be having problems with concentration?

Do they always seem to be daydreaming, or having difficulty remembering what they’ve been taught?

Kids often get told off for ‘daydreaming’ in class, as if it was some kind of failure on their part. Of course, educationalists know that daydreaming and ‘spacing out’ are highly evolved, and highly effective, learning strategies that allow the brain to integrate new information about the world. Unfortunately, the brain’s learning timetable is not very closely aligned with the school timetable!

The consequence of this is that many children get a quite undeserved reputation for ‘not being able to concentrate’, and even come to believe that this is something that they ‘can’t do’. This idea can then make them more likely to give up too quickly when they are trying to learn and remember something.

This presents a challenge for parents and teachers. You don’t want to crush your child’s enthusiasm, or stifle their natural way of learning. At the same time, your child needs to get through school and learn what the teacher is teaching.

So how can you help?

Tell them a story.

A hypnotic story can help a child focus and concentrate on anything

Improve Concentration – for Kids is an audio download story created especially for children. Every child will identify with the delightful little owl at the heart of the story who discovers how to make use of what he knows in one area of life in a quite different area of life – school.

Children love to listen to stories over and over again, and this will help them really integrate a very important ‘lesson’ indeed.

Download Improve Concentration – for Kids now and help your child focus and learn in the way that’s best for them. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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