How to Help Children Adjust to Having Divorced Parents

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Divorced Parents – Kids – A hypnotic story to help children deal with the stresses of family break up


Divorced Parents – Kids – A hypnotic story to help children deal with the stresses of family break up

Are you worried about how your kids will cope with having divorced parents?

Are you unsure how to prepare them for all the changes?

Divorce and separation happen.  No matter how sure you were when you took your marriage vows or decided to have children together, things don't always work out.  It is inevitable that children will be emotionally affected when their parents decide to part, and start a whole new life with different rules and routines.

Kids need more than explanations to cope with divorce

If you have young children, it can be difficult to know how to explain things to them, and help them through all the changes without too much distress (some distress is inevitable).

It's a good idea to be as open as you can and tell them as much as you can about exactly what is going to happen, and what they can expect. But children process information differently from adults, and sometimes they need more than explanation.

They need a way to make sense of what is happening for themselves. And there is no better way to facilitate this process than through the medium of a story.

A hypnotic story can both calm and strengthen a child

Divorced Parents – for Kids is an audio session created especially for young children. It tells an engaging and uplifting ‘fairy story' that mirrors what is happening in the outer world without being too specific about the details. The process of changing, and happily surviving even major and upsetting changes, is metaphorically explored and brought to a happy conclusion.

Children love to listen to stories over and over, and repeated listening will enable them to vicariously experience this ultimately successful journey of change enough times to absorb it as a ‘blueprint' that they can unconsciously apply for themselves.

Download Divorced Parents – for Kids and help your children through a major change. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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