How to Help a Shy Child Gain Confidence

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Shy Child – A gentle bedtime story to help your child feel more comfortable socializing


Shy Child – A gentle bedtime story to help your child feel more comfortable socializing

Do you have a shy child who finds it difficult to associate easily with others?

Is their shyness getting in the way of enjoying life?

Most children will feel shy some times, in different circumstances. It's normal (even for grown ups) to find mixing with new people and taking the first steps towards making friends somewhat challenging.

Everybody is different, but eventually most children get comfortable, establish a place in the group and find one or more people to be ‘best friends' with. And then they are on their way.

Shyness isn't necessarily a ‘problem'

But some children can find it really hard. There are many different reasons why this happens, and it doesn't necessarily mean that there is a ‘problem'. A child may just be naturally timid.

The family may provide what feels like sufficient social stimulation so that the child is not looking for more. The school or social environment can sometimes be a bit unfriendly, or a child may have a few bad experiences that make them less willing to engage.

When you see a child struggling, or actually unhappy, because of their shyness, it can be difficult to know what to do. You can, of course, arrange for more social contact among family and friends, thus giving them more chance to practice socializing.

And you can encourage the child to engage more. But what is the best way to encourage them? Just telling them to ‘be brave!' could backfire – leaving them feeling worse.

A better way is to use the power of storytelling.

A hypnotic story can help a child overcome shyness

Shy Child is an audio download story specially for young children created by psychologists with wide experience in helping children (and storytelling).

It tells the engaging tale of a little boy who really wants to make friends but isn't sure how to go about it and how he discovers a marvelous way to make it easy and fun.

Download Shy Child and help your child relax and enjoy socializing. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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