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Breaking Bad News – Hypnosis can help you learn to stay calm when you have to deliver a difficult message


Breaking Bad News – Hypnosis can help you learn to stay calm when you have to deliver a difficult message

Does the thought of breaking bad news to someone fill you with alarm?

Do you worry that you won't cope well with having to tell people something they don't want to hear?

You've probably heard (or used) the expression “Don't shoot the messenger!” It nicely captures the situation that the bearer of bad news all too often finds themselves in. When people hear a piece of news whose contents are deeply unwelcome to them, they tend to have a strong negative reaction and take it out on the deliverer of the offending information.

Reasons to fear being the unwelcome messenger

One reason why we're uncomfortable with breaking bad news is we fear that we will get blamed, and possibly attacked in some way, as the receiver of the news grapples with its impact. But another reason why it's so hard to tell someone distressing news is that it's really hard to deal with being the one who's brought distress as well as then having to witness that distress.

Whether the other person is angry, devastated, at a loss, hurt, in tears, shocked into numbness or any other manifestation of negative or powerful emotional reaction, it can feel immensely difficult to stay calm, think clearly, and handle the situation in the most positive and constructive way possible. Your own emotions can overwhelm you.

How you can deliver the bad news better

But it is possible to lessen the burden and stress of delivering unwelcome news and to deal with the recipient sensitively and calmly without taking undue responsibility.

Breaking bad news is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you calmly focus your mind and manage your emotions. As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll find that you

  • get better and better at relaxing and letting go of tension or anxiety, even under pressure
  • master a clear three-step process for the practical management of a ‘bad news' situation
  • can stay strong and calm even when another person is highly emotionally aroused
  • can be sensitive and understanding in how you communicate, without getting caught up in the distress of others

Download Breaking bad news and equip yourself to handle the most delicate of situations.

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