How to Embrace Your Orientation and Joyfully Accept Your Sexuality

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Accept Your Sexuality – Gay or straight or bi or trans – you’re OK! This gentle, permissive hypnosis session can help.


Accept Your Sexuality – Gay or straight or bi or trans – you're OK! This gentle, permissive hypnosis session can help.

Is your particular sexual orientation making it hard for you to accept your sexuality as a truly valuable part of who you are?

Have other people made you feel like there's something ‘wrong' with you?

Feeling different from others can be very isolating. And when you feel you're not only ‘different' but also ‘bad' in some way for being how you are, you can end up in a terrible turmoil of guilt and self-doubt.

Negative and judgmental attitudes from others – especially people you respect or love – can make you question your very identity, your very right to live.

This is so unfair.

You were born free

Every one of us is born quite unselfconscious and naturally at ease in our physical being. Just as our birth family and community are a ‘given' in our lives, so too is our sexual nature. It is what it is.

As we mature, we discover more of who we are. If we are fortunate enough to have our essential physical and emotional needs well met in our lives, we blossom fully into ourselves, to use a poetic metaphor.

But getting your physical and emotional needs met isn't always simple!

Where do ‘rules' about sexuality come from?

All human cultures have evolved highly complex social rules whose origins are largely lost in the mists of time. These rules govern what's ‘acceptable' and it can be difficult to get your needs met if other people consider you to be outside those rules.

These rules don't have much of what we could call a ‘rational' basis. Nonetheless, they have a very powerful grip on us, and we are largely blind to their deficiencies – unless and until we personally come up against them.

Negative attitudes about sexuality are just such ‘cultural constructs'. This means – pay attention! – that people made them up.

They have no inherent independent validity.

Rules change

History shows that people have made up all sorts of different rules in different times and places. Something once ruled ‘right' can later be ruled ‘wrong' by the very society that made the first rule. Attitudes change slowly, but they can and do change.

Knowing this can help you understand what's going on when people apply what they think are the ‘right' rules and are horrid to you about your sexuality.

Understanding why is not the same thing as accepting how they treat you. Of course, what you do in response to condemnation or discrimination from others will depend on your personal circumstances and attitude.

Sexuality is biologically determined

But whatever you do, it's clear that your identity, your sexuality, are completely independent of any social construct. You can revel in what you are, because the validity of what you are does not depend on human social approval, any more than the validity of a tree or a mountain lion or a star. You are a natural phenomenon of equal standing with any other natural phenomenon.

This is great, but if you have been struggling with your sexual orientation for a long while, it can feel pretty hard to free yourself from the prejudices that you have already internalized.

How can you feel okay about yourself?

How hypnosis can help you free yourself to be yourself

Accept Your Sexuality is an audio hypnosis session that will help you escape the emotional grip of prejudice and come home to yourself.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll experience some profound changes taking place within you. You'll notice that you:

  • feel a huge lessening of tension in your life
  • find that your sense of who you really are clarifies and solidifies
  • develop a deeper connection with your core self
  • experience a sense of ‘coming into your inheritance'
  • find yourself dealing with other people's attitudes with calm self-assured confidence
  • enjoy life so much more

Download Accept Your Sexuality now and come home to who you are. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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