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Being Adopted – Being adopted can raise a lot of issues – get some hypnotic help with them now.


Being Adopted – Being adopted can raise a lot of issues – get some hypnotic help with them now.

Maybe the fact that you were adopted isn’t something you think about… much. Or maybe knowing your real mother ‘gave you away’ sometimes makes you feel sad. Or angry.

Maybe you’ve always known you were adopted and feel you have basically accepted it. Or perhaps you only found out much later and still sometimes feel upset about it.

People don’t understand what being adopted is like

It can be hard to get people who’ve grown up in ‘normal’ families to appreciate what it’s like to be adopted. How do you explain what it’s like not to have ‘roots’? Or why you feel such a mix of sadness and anger and confusion?

Complicated feelings like this can powerfully influence how you feel about yourself.

Being adopted can make you feel so different

Many people who were adopted say they have always ‘felt different’. Of course, you may have had wonderful loving and caring adoptive parents, but may still feel haunted by that sense of being different from the other kids, from people who had ‘ordinary’ family experiences. You may have been looking for some kind of ‘closure’ to ease your mind.

If you feel that you haven’t quite come to terms with the idea that you were adopted, then this Being Adopted session is for you.

Hypnosis can help you come to terms with being adopted

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to ease difficult emotions and reframe attitudes and ideas. The Being Adopted hypnosis session has been developed by experienced hypnotherapists to address common emotional issues around adoption.

You’ll find that this session will allow you to really relax around the facts of your own adoptive history, while offering you new and positive perspectives on your life.

Download Being Adopted now and get some closure on those issues. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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