How to Boost Your Debating Confidence with Hypnosis

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Debating Confidence – Prepare your unconscious mind for debating so you stay calm and clear-headed


Debating Confidence – Prepare your unconscious mind for debating so you stay calm and clear-headed

Can you take the debating stand with confidence, fully ready to argue your case with conviction and clarity?

Or are you a bundle of nerves, easily overthrown by unexpected challenges from opponents?

Of course, there are many different kinds of debate you might get involved in, from formal debating competitions with their strict protocols to less formal (but no less challenging) work-related discussions where different proposals have to be put forward – and defended.

However, the pressures you experience as a participant are pretty similar.

Debating – a time to relax and trust yourself?

Whether you are proposing or opposing, you need to be on top of your material and to have thoroughly prepared yourself for the challenges the other side might present.

Some of these you will be able to foresee quite easily, but there will always be surprises too. Things you haven't thought of. Maybe things that completely overturn your argument. You don't have a crystal ball, so you literally have to be ‘ready for anything'.

It's a big challenege.

Standing up there (or sitting, as the case may be), not knowing what's coming at you, but aware that you must come up with an appropriate and effective response, can be highly nerve-wracking.

But if you let your nerves get in the way, you will not be able to make the best case. You will become caught up in how you feel rather than focusing exclusively on what it is you need to say.

It's at times like these that you need to be able to relax and trust yourself to perform under pressure.

And you can train yourself to do this. Extremely well.

Why hypnosis is an ideal way to develop calmness and clarity of mind

The Debating Confidence hypnosis session was developed by psychologists to train you in the mental and emotional skills that will hold you steady, no matter what kind of discussion you are participating in.

It is not a session on how to debate. It is focused exclusively on how you keep a clear, unflustered mind through the flow of argument and opposition.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to Debating Confidence, you will quickly begin to see the effects on your debating performance.

You'll notice that

  • you find yourself relaxing faster and deeper and becoming even more alert and receptive each time you listen
  • you begin to feel a deep inner calm suffusing you even while preparing and rehearsing
  • you focus intently on your preparations right up to the last minute without the slightest concern for how it will play out
  • the moment discussion begins, you enter a state of pure eloquence, confidence and flow
  • you respond easily and creatively to the to and fro of debate, your mind clear and sharp.

Download Debating Confidence now and get ready to make your case. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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