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Reading Confidence – Kids – A hypnotic story to build a child’s faith in their ability to learn


Reading Confidence – Kids – A hypnotic story to build a child’s faith in their ability to learn

Are you concerned about your child's reading confidence?

Do you worry that they're falling back because they don't think they can do it?

Lots of things can knock a child's confidence in their abilities. Sometimes they may have genuine difficulties with sight, hearing, or interpretation of symbols that needs specialist attention. But sometimes they can just find the whole business of learning to read a bit daunting, and get discouraged. If they've been teased by class-mates, have a ‘perfect' sibling to compare against, an expectant parent, or simply a different learning speed or style to their peers, they may just decide that reading is not for them.

As a concerned parent, it's hard to know how best to help them over this hurdle without actually making matters worse! Expecting them to ‘try harder' is loading even more pressure when they are already struggling. One load lightening way you can help is by reading lots of stories to your child yourself. And another, is to use a hypnotic story to indirectly boost their confidence in their ability to learn and care less about mistakes or challenges.

Whether they can read or not, kids love stories. Stories give them a set of ‘templates' through which they can process their world. A story that subtly matches their experience and shows them different ways to handle it can make a huge difference to a child.

And that's why a specific story may be the best way to help them.

A hypnotic story can help a child take ownership of their abilities

Reading confidence for kids is an audio download created especially for young children who are learning to read. It uses the device of embedded storytelling to ‘mirror' the child's situation and suggest a way through. Repeated listening will enable the child to unconsciously absorb and integrate the idea that they master the skills they need through practice and determination.

Download Reading confidence for kids and help your child learn to trust in themselves.

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