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Kids – Boost Learning Confidence – A hypnotic story to help a child reconnect with their natural ability to learn


Kids – Boost Learning Confidence – A hypnotic story to help a child reconnect with their natural ability to learn

Are you concerned that your child has lost their learning confidence?

Do you worry they are not doing as well as they could because they think they can't?

When kids are born, they generally start with an insatiable curiosity about the world around them and start trying things out and learning new things as fast as their opportunities and energy allow. That can be quite exhausting for their parents and caregivers, but also very rewarding. It's wonderful to see your child making progress and mastering new skills.

So it can be something of a shock to find, some time after they have started school, that your child seems to be hanging back, or has developed an unaccountable dislike of doing something they used to love when they were smaller.

There are many reasons why this can happen, not least because the school environment can be so very different in its demands from the ‘play' of home. Children can feel under pressure to do things they are not ready for. Or they may feel that they are being compared – unfavorably – with their classmates. Or they may have some genuine difficulty with sight, hearing, or interpretation of symbols that needs specialist attention.

Whatever the cause (and a child is unlikely to understand the cause, anyway), the result is a loss of confidence, a growing doubt that they can learn. This can make them hold back, and refuse to try new things, because they start to feel sure they are not going to be able to manage it.

These can be challenging times for any parent. How do you help them?

Obviously, you need to consult with their teachers about what is happening, and seek specialist help when this is indicated, but how can you generally encourage your child to get back to enjoying learning, just as they did when they were tiny?

A good way to help is to tell them a story. But not just any story. A story that has been especially crafted for their situation.

A hypnotic story can help a child take ownership of their abilities

Learning confidence for kids is an audio download developed especially for young children who seem to have become doubtful about their capacities. It uses embedded storytelling to ‘mirror' the child's dilemma and suggest a practical means of escape. Repeated listening will enable the child to unconsciously absorb and integrate the idea that they really do have the power to learn successfully.

Download Learning confidence for kids and help you child get back to learning with enthusiasm.

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