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Beginner’s Mind – Learn how to access the ‘beginner’s mind’ state that is the basis of all truly effective learning


Beginner's Mind – Learn how to access the ‘beginner's mind' state that is the basis of all truly effective learning

What would it be like to access the true ‘beginner's mind' when you set out to learn something?

Just how open, flexible, curious and eager to take in new knowledge, new understandings, can you be?

We all once had beginners' minds. Every one of us started life ignorant of everything and incapable of anything. We knew nothing, and we could do nothing.

We had no presumptions about the world and we were fascinated with everything that we could see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

And look at us now!

But there is a mystery. Humans are amazingly capable of learning absolutely anything, be it mental knowledge or physical skill, yet so many adults struggle to learn and master new things. Not just completely new things they knew nothing about before, but even new things in subjects and fields they know well.

Why is this?

Why is it sometimes so hard to learn new things?

Well, one thing that gets in the way is the stuff you already know. Knowledge is wonderful, and we are very attached to it. When we have some, we tend to think “I know all about that!”

But when you are sure you already ‘know a lot' about something, it becomes very hard to properly take in new information about that subject.

It's clear that if we want to learn something well, and truly take in new information and understandings, we have to find some way to get round our own knowledge and expertise.

But how do you do that? You can't just ‘forget' everything you know, can you? And you wouldn't want to, anyway, would you?

Hypnosis is a great way to become a fast learner

Beginner's Mind is an audio hypnosis session which cuts right through this dilemma and gives you access to that clear, open-minded state in which you become a truly skillful learner.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • Enter into a whole new relationship with what you already know and understand
  • Feel more and more relaxed about opening up to new (and even challenging) ideas
  • Become skilled at temporarily setting aside previous knowledge until you have fully absorbed new information
  • Become skilled at recalling previous knowledge and carefully assessing it against new concepts and understandings
  • Are ready to let go of what proves to be unhelpful or mistaken, whether new or old
  • Really enjoy the return of the sense of wonder as you eagerly and successfully learn new things.

Download Beginner's Mind now and explore what the world really has to offer you. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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