How Hypnosis Can Help You Write Better Song Lyrics

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Writing Songs – Use the power of your unconscious mind to say what you really mean


Writing Songs – Use the power of your unconscious mind to say what you really mean

If you've been writing songs for a while, and have tried everything you can think of to inspire yourself and fire up your ideas for song lyrics, and feel you are getting nowhere, you may feel like throwing in the towel.

But it could be that you've just been looking in the wrong direction.

Why you might not be writing the best song lyrics ever – yet

The groaning self-help shelves of your local bookstore, however much real ‘help' can be found there, also have a surprisingly pernicious effect.

The sheer number of books on ‘how to succeed at XYZ' (even writing song lyrics!) creates a powerful impression in our minds that, if we can only identify the right method, master the perfect techniques, carry out all the best processes, we are bound to get the results we want.

So it's a shock – and a huge disappointment – to find that, sometimes, even when we are pretty sure we are doing everything ‘by the book', the results we get are so much less than satisfactory. Or, in your case, the song lyrics you write just don't hack it.

What's wrong?

What's really needed to get those song lyrics flowing

Creativity, by its very nature, can't be pinned down into a step-by-step ‘how to' manual. Of course, you need to know the tools of your trade, but just as knowing how to wield a hammer and a chisel doesn't make you a sculptor, so writing song lyrics is about more than finding words that rhyme, or fitting syllables to a rhythm.

The ‘how to succeed' approach seems logical at first sight, but is in fact the very nub of the problem. ‘Logic' is the function of the left side of your brain, the part which calculates and deduces and makes plans.

Writing song lyrics is not ‘logical'. To write your best lyrics, you need to activate the other side of your brain – the part that works by patterns, and intuitions, and analogies, and metaphors.

How hypnosis can help you ‘switch on' to writing song lyrics

As it happens, patterns, intuitions, analogies and metaphors are the medium through which hypnosis produces such dramatic effects. So it should come as no surprise that hypnosis is an ideal way to ‘light up' the right side of your brain – the part that is most involved in song writing.

Writing Song Lyrics will carry you away from the effortful struggle of conscious composition and teach you how to ignite your own inner inspiration.

You'll find yourself feeling so much more relaxed about song writing, and will be amazed at the increased flow of ideas that come to you. Writing Song Lyrics will help you amplify your natural creative talent and learn to ‘put yourself in the mood'.

Download Writing Song Lyrics now and unleash your inner songwriter. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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