How Hypnosis Can Help You With Anorexia

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Anorexia Treatment – Gentle, permissive hypnosis can work with your unconscious mind to escape this eating disorder


Anorexia Treatment – Gentle, permissive hypnosis can work with your unconscious mind to escape this eating disorder

Anorexia (and bulimia too) is like being trapped in a hall of distorting mirrors and believing that the surreal reflections you see looking back at you are ‘really you'.

It's the most cruel of conditions. It's like having a wicked witch stepmother you depend on for your survival, who beats and tortures you while telling you she is the only one who really loves and understands you. How can you ever hope to escape her clutches?

First steps to freedom from anorexia

Well, in reading this page, you are already taking a step towards freedom. Some part of that web of lies that anorexia spins around you has come apart, and you have glimpsed – even if just fleetingly – the truth.

A doubt has crept into your heart. Maybe anorexia isn't what it appears to be? Maybe there is another way to find identity or security or fulfilment than through starving yourself? But how can you know?

Looking forward to a future without anorexia

It can feel very scary to start entertaining such ideas – like a sort of betrayal. You may find it hard to imagine life without anorexia. To picture yourself living freely in the world, looking after yourself in a healthy, satisfying way. Actually enjoying your life. Feeling comfortable and at ease with yourself. Pursuing goals and objectives that are meaningful and satisfying to you. Can this really come true for you?

Where do you start?

The key to freedom from anorexia lies in feelings and thoughts

As you know, anorexia manipulates you by working on your feelings and on your thoughts. So that's where you start. And because of the grip anorexia has had on you, you need something more than just will-power to face it down.

You need to harness the instinctive abilities and capacities of your unconscious mind to generate new and powerful positive feelings and thoughts. And hypnosis can give you the key.

How hypnosis can help you escape from anorexia

The Anorexia Treatment hypnosis session can be safely used alongside medical treatment to begin to build up your defences against the cruel wiles of anorexia. While your doctor helps you address the physical ways in which you can recover from anorexia, Anorexia Treatment will help you reconnect deeply with your essential self and re-affirm your right to live a whole and healthy life.

You know what hard work it has been to live by anorexia's vicious rules. So it's a relief to discover that listening to Anorexia Treatment is like taking a wonderful relaxing holiday and letting yourself be carried away. Regular listening will help you establish and maintain a strong new basis for your life that will feel totally natural and instinctive.

Download Anorexia Treatment now and unlock the door to freedom. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

Note: Anorexia treatment is NOT a substitute for appropriate medical treatment of anorexia. It is to be used only as an adjunct to medical care.

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