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New Kid In School – A gentle hypnotic story to ease children’s worries about fitting in


New Kid In School – A gentle hypnotic story to ease children's worries about fitting in

Are you looking for a way to help a child feel less nervous starting a new school?

Are they worried that they won't fit in?

Starting at a new school can be a very scary experience for a child. In the weeks leading up to their first day, they can be overcome with worries about whether:

  • They will make friends
  • The teacher will be nice
  • They will be singled out for being new.

Imagining the worst

Often, the anticipation of something can be much worse than the reality of what happens.

Because our imaginations, especially children's, are very active. And it's easy to get carried away imagining the worst.

And once those thoughts are in a child's mind, it can be difficult to reassure them, especially if they get worked up and upset.

Boost a child's confidence and ease anxiety with hypnosis

Help for the New Kid In School is an audio hypnosis session that uses a gentle hypnotic story, set in the land of dreams and magic, about a sorceress who loses her crystal ball while walking through a forest. A little boy, who is nervous about starting a new school, finds the crystal ball, and it helps him see himself enjoying his new school in the future.

This download is designed to help children:

  • Deeply relax
  • Feel less nervous about starting a new school
  • Gain perspective so they can see past their first day
  • Feel excited about the future.

Download Help for the New Kid In School and help ease your child's anxiety.

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