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Tantrums in Children – A hypnotic story to help a child learn to deal with anger and frustration and self-soothe


Tantrums in Children – A hypnotic story to help a child learn to deal with anger and frustration and self-soothe

Does your child go from angel to devil in the stamp of a foot?

Do the kids' tantrums take over your family life and inhibit you from going out?

Not getting what you want (or think you want) is a normal part of life for every one of us. Much as we would like to be able to control the world and have it obey our wishes, the reality is that we are always getting thwarted and frustrated in one area or another. Even we adults sometimes struggle to cope with that. But it's even tougher for kids.

A very young child does not yet have the experience, understanding or emotional maturity to help themselves through the challenge of discovering that the world isn't how they think it is.

So a negative experience can feel to them like the shock of the world ending, which is pretty upsetting. You have to have quite a lot of shocks like this, and survive them, in order to learn that this is how life is and it's not so bad.

Staying calm is the best response to tantrums in children

So one way parents and caregivers can help a child when frustration builds up into a stomping, screaming, thrashing, red-faced rage is by doing their best to stay calm and not join the child by getting over emotionally aroused themselves. If the child sees that the adults aren't fazed by all the emotion, this will help them learn to manage their own feelings too.

It's not easy, and if you as a parent or care-giver need help, we recommend ‘Assertive Parenting' and ‘Patient Parent' downloads from our Parenting Skills section.

One of the difficulties that parents face, of course, is that there's no way to reason with a small child. You might have very good reasons for refusing to let your child stay up all night, but none of them make ‘sense' to the child.

All they know is that a highly uncomfortable emotional storm is raging through them. But there is a way to reach them.

A hypnotic story can help a child learn to deal with temper

Tantrums in Children is a relaxing, hypnotic bedtime story created especially for young children. It tells a delightfully engaging story that is not just good entertainment but a kind of ‘mirror' of the child's situation.

Children always identify with the characters in a story, and so engage with (and unconsciously learn from) how those characters deal with their own difficulties.  Although there will be the inevitable tired, hungry, downright awkard tantrums, they will become less frequent and less intense, as the child learns self-soothing skills and the parent or care-giver gains confidence in the child.

Download Tantrums in Children and let peace descend. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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