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Fear Cancer Recurrence – A hypnosis audio to quickly calm your dread of cancer coming back and provide deep relaxation


Fear Cancer Recurrence – A hypnosis audio to quickly calm your dread of cancer coming back and provide deep relaxation

Do you find you can't stop thinking about cancer returning, even when you know you are well?

Lung cancer. Ovarian cancer. Testicular cancer. Colon cancer. Breast cancer. Bone and blood cancers. There are tumors of every kind, our own cells seemingly turning against us with horrible symptoms and unpleasant treatments. It's no wonder a cancer diagnosis is one of our great fears.

Whatever kind of cancer you have been through, whatever tissues and organs in your body have been affected and treated, it's a life changing experience in more ways than one would expect. When you tell people that you're well or ‘in remission' they congratulate you, and it's hard to admit you are haunted by fear of the cancer coming back.

It's natural to fear cancer recurrence

It's completely natural to dread cancer coming back – you and your body have been through a lot. Although there has been huge progress in cancer treatments, and many more people now come through cancer and go on to lead long healthy lives, it is still one of the most frightening things that can happen to anyone. It changes your perspective on life and puts you and your family through some of the most difficult emotions you'll ever experience.

And that's really the nub of the fear. Emotion. The thought of falling ill again, and more treatment, and possibly not recovering the next time – these are very upsetting, anxiety making thoughts. And when you're emotionally aroused like that, it's very hard to think calmly and clearly, and just trying to push such thoughts out of your head doesn't work.

But there is a way to calm this emotion down without suppressing thoughts and trying to ‘force' yourself to be positive.

Hypnosis is a powerful way to calm down stressful emotions

Fear of cancer recurrence is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists to help people who have had cancer relax in the face of all their fears and get the most out of life.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you will

  • be giving yourself the best possible chance of continuing to do well by reducing your stress levels
  • boost the effectiveness of your immune system
  • learn how to relax with all the uncertainties of life
  • start to develop a balanced, optimistic attitude towards the future
  • find that you really can enjoy life again.

Download Fear of cancer recurrence and let yourself live well.

Note: If you purchase this cancer download, all proceeds will be donated to our charity. However, if you are suffering from cancer and cannot afford to buy the download, please contact us for a free copy.

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