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Speak Up In Class – A hypnotic story to build classroom confidence


Speak Up In Class – A hypnotic story to build classroom confidence

Are you concerned that your child doesn't speak up in class?

Would you like to help them feel more relaxed and self-assured?

No parent wants to hear their child is too quiet in class and not engaging in the classroom and possibly in social situations such as in the canteen or playground.  As a parent or carer, it's a tricky subject to broach sensitively and effectively with your child.  How do you help them out of their shell and start interacting more?

Trivial things can make a child unwilling to say a word in class

The early years in school are a challenging time for children, and every child is different in how they adjust to school and learning. Some take to it like ducks to water and others find one or more aspects of school life hard to handle and need time and encouragement to acquire the necessary skills. And sometimes kids, just like adults, get overly worried about something that for others isn't a big deal, but which holds them back and stops them from being relaxed at school.

And, being little kids, they might not be able to explain exactly what the problem is… or understand well-meant adult ‘advice'.

By far the best way to facilitate a child's development at such a tricky time is through the medium of stories. Stories, which all children love, give them an imaginative way to make sense of their world, and to deal with different challenges. And listening to a story is completely different from being ‘told what to do'.

A hypnotic story can reassure and embolden a child

Speak up in class (kids) is an audio download created especially for young children. Through a ‘story within a story', the child's situation is reflected and resolved in a practical and empowering way. Repeated listening will enable the child to unconsciously absorb and integrate a sort of ‘template' for how to handle such challenges that will remain valuable throughout their life.

Download Speak up in class (kids) and give your child that extra boost.

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