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Family Gatherings – How hypnosis can help you make family gatherings a much more enjoyable experience


Family Gatherings – How hypnosis can help you make family gatherings a much more enjoyable experience

Family get-togethers. Don’t you just dread them?

Do you sometimes wonder just how it is that blood relatives have such power to send you up the wall?

Family relations are the very bedrock of situation comedy – not to mention high drama. It’s easy enough to laugh when it’s someone else’s family behaving like a bunch of bozos.

Indeed, watching the antics of a another crazy family can bring a little light relief from the quite unfunny stress of spending time with your own. If only you could see your own family from the outside in the same way!

But when you have to face the reality of attending yet another family occasion, and find your heart sinking at the very thought of having to be in the same room as uncle X with his tedious army stories, or bossy cousin Y with her ghastly little pug, or even your supercilious sister or envious brother, and you just know there’s going to be a row about something, how can you hope to look forward to it?

Why family gatherings can be so stressful

When you think about it, it is not so amazing that our blood relations can get us so worked up. These are people who share your genes, your history. They have a plain, undisputed, connection with you.

That’s a good thing in many ways, of course, but this closeness also means that you are all likely to be somewhat vulnerable to each other. Not everybody knows how to handle such sensitivities well.

The real source of trouble among families

And it is hurt feelings which tend to make family gatherings such prickly occasions, more than annoying habits or irritating personality quirks.

When our feelings are hurt, we all tend to go on the defensive, or even get aggressive. We feel bad when our own families, from whom we all secretly hope for understanding, respect and acceptance, give us what we feel is a hard time.

Your family won’t change – but you can, with hypnosis

Of course, you know your family are not going to start behaving differently any time soon, however much more aware you may be of looking out for sensitivities. You can expect that they will probably continue to tread on your toes without realizing it.

Or even deliberately, in some cases! But there is a way you can prepare yourself to weather these occasions successfully, and even enjoy them.

Enjoy Family Gatherings is an audio hypnosis session created by experienced psychologists which uses the power of deep hypnosis to help you develop – and maintain – a state of mind which will transform your experience of get-togethers.

Instead of getting worked up about a forthcoming reunion, you will find yourself actually getting calmer as it approaches, and even looking forward to it.

As you enjoy all the benefits of deep relaxation, you will experience a quiet revolution going on inside. After each session, you will find yourself

  • growing in awareness of the real value of your family connections
  • more and more able to see each individual as a valuable human being
  • less and less put out by habits and behaviors you previously found intolerable
  • growing in self-understanding and self-control.

Download Enjoy Family Gatherings now and begin to get more out of being in a family. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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