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Death Of A Partner –


Death Of A Partner –

Dealing with the death of a partner can seem like the hardest thing in the world. It may seem as if the light has gone out of your life and a part of you died with them. Maybe you ‘hear' their voice in your mind constantly or feel as if you keep ‘seeing' them all over the place and then realize that who you are looking at only bears the slightest resemblance to the person who died.

When your partner dies you may have mixed emotions. You may feel shock, disbelief, angry with them for dying, afraid of the future and/or guilty for being the one left alive. This is all totally natural.

Grief is natural

To feel grief when your partner has died is, of course, natural. You may have been very close and intimate with this person – perhaps for many years. But grief is a process and, like any process has a beginning and an end. You may have started grieving even before you partner died but maybe you feel you will never stop grieving. Of course it's natural to feel sad when you think about the loss of your loved one in future but there will come a time when you begin to feel fully re-connected to your life again and start to enjoy life fully.

Avoiding the guilt trap

After experiencing the death of a partner you may feel guilt. Guilt that you and not them are able to see friends, go places and have enjoyable times. You may even feel guilty if you realize you haven't been thinking about them for a while.

It's vital to remember that to ‘grieve well' – that is to really love and respect the person in your thoughts – you also need to rest from grieving. This means not thinking about your deceased partner sometimes. This means when you do think about them your thoughts can be more focused and clearer.

The way forward

It may feel as if you can't ever live a truly satisfying life after the death of a partner but you can and will. You have needs. You need to take care of your body, making sure you are rested and eating well. You need to maintain and encourage connection to supportive people around you, you need to have meaning and purpose and of course time to talk about your deceased partner. Soon you will feel better and your grieving will feel more comfortable.

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