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Suicide of Loved One – How hypnosis can help you survive the loss and grief


Suicide of Loved One – How hypnosis can help you survive the loss and grief

Has someone close to you taken their own life?

Are you struggling to cope with your feelings of guilt and grief?

Whether you saw it coming or not, the suicide of someone you care about rocks your world and makes you question everything, especially yourself. “Did I really do everything I could to help?” “What did I miss?” “Why didn’t I…?” “How could I have let this happen?”

These questions painfully torment those who are left behind in shock and grief as they try to deal with the practicalities of the death, as well as the emotional storm that rages around them, feeling like it will never end.

You may find yourself feeling utterly exhausted, and unable to think straight. You may find yourself feeling numb and apparently emotionless. You may be swept by searing rage and terrible despair.

This is a time to look after yourself

One of the hardest things to cope with is the morbid curiosity of other people. People with no direct involvement might be asking you (with pretend concern) about how you’re coping, in the hope that you’re going to let slip some titbit for them to gossip about. This is very distressing and you should have no hesitation telling them to get lost.

At a time like this you need to exclusively look after yourself and others you care about. No matter how ‘interesting’ other people may find your tragedy, you do NOT have to provide ‘news’ on the matter to them. And you don’t have to live up to spoken or unspoken expectations that you will ‘come to terms’ with what has happened in some fixed time period. Grief takes the time it takes.

You will also encounter much genuine kindness and support, often from unexpected quarters – people who do practical things that really help without making a song and dance about it. This can be tricky to deal with in its own way, as true kindness often opens the floodgates of emotion, but ultimately it will strengthen and encourage you.

But the real challenge is dealing with the times when you have to face the reality of your loss on your own. Nobody can prepare ahead of time to deal with the psychological fallout of a suicide, but there are things you can do in this situation which can help. And you don’t have to think of it all yourself.

Hypnosis can gently help you come through a time of grief

Dealing With the Suicide of a Loved One is a gentle hypnosis session which will bring you solace, guidance and comfort at this difficult time.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll notice that:

  • you can find times of peace during the time of grief
  • looking after yourself with kindness and compassion empowers you to do what you need to do
  • you learn to give grief a structured place in your life so that it doesn’t overwhelm you completely
  • you can gradually reconnect with and focus on your positive memories of the person you loved
  • you can access a calm sense of strength and resilience when you need these qualities to carry you through.

Download Dealing With the Suicide of a Loved One now and give yourself the help you need.

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