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Back On The Horse – How hypnosis can help you regain your confidence after a shock (whether you ride or not)


Back On The Horse – How hypnosis can help you regain your confidence after a shock (whether you ride or not)

Has life dealt you a blow that's left you wondering if you can ‘get back on the horse'?

Are you fearful of doing what you know you used to do perfectly well?

The relationship between horse and rider is subtle and complex. When one or both of them suffer injury in an accident, both may experience a loss of confidence. A horse can feel just as nervous as a human. And if the rider is nervous, then the horse is more likely to feel nervous too. But if the rider can calm down their own anxieties, they can also soothe their horse, and both can gradually resume riding out together happily.

This is not just true of actual horses and riders, of course.

Shocks can cause loss of confidence

All of us can experience a loss of confidence, even in activities that we are expert at or completely comfortable with. People are often surprised to find that a ‘shock' they have suffered has the power to completely knock their faith in their own abilities, even when they know that this is something they can do very well indeed.

This can happen even when the ‘shock' came from a completely different area of their life.

When this happens, you can end up feeling quite anxious and fearful, and full of doubts about your ability to cope. So a shock ending to a relationship can make you scared to get close to anyone again.

Or a fall can make you feel ‘wobbly' and so worried about being in crowded places because you don't feel stable (that's the sort of thing that can make just doing the shopping an ordeal).

These reactions are completely normal. It's part of how we protect ourselves from harm. When an activity has led to an ‘injury' (physical or psychological), it makes sense to be rather cautious about engaging in that activity again, or other activities that might have the same effect.

But sometimes this caution can go too far, and cut you off unnecessarily from doing things that can bring real joy and satisfaction into your life.

So how can you help yourself recover your nerve?

How hypnosis can quickly help you rebuild your faith in yourself

Get Back on the Horse is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that engages the power of your unconscious mind to help you re-establish confidence.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your gentle, permissive hypnotherapy session, you'll find that you;

  • experience a substantial lessening of tension and anxiety
  • begin to get some distance on the event that triggered the negative feelings
  • identify what you have learned from the experience that is truly valuable
  • reconnect with your confidence and determination
  • take the necessary steps to move forward again.

Download Get Back on the Horse and don't let anxiety hold you back in life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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