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Be More Feminine – Use your unconscious mind to develop your female characteristics


Be More Feminine – Use your unconscious mind to develop your female characteristics

Femininity is a wonderful power. In recent times there's been a tendency to downplay the differences between men and woman with a kind of pretence that we are all the same, and that's a sha,e.

Men and woman have come to be seen as competitors rather than two complimentary but different forces of nature. Yet life and observation shows us that, just as some men are more masculine than others so too are some women super-feminine.

It's not just what feminine women wear, it's how they move, smile, talk and walk.

But what is femininity? What makes some women more feminine than others?

Well biologically the hormones estrogen and progesterone determine femininity, but there are behavioral aspects of femininity you can develop.

What does it mean to be feminine in a day to day way?

Feminine women tend to smile more, feel at home in their femininity, take pride and interest in their appearance and show interest in and towards other people, however a true feminine quality will shine through any clothes or external appearance.

Feminine women have superior perception of colour shades, are receptive socially, know how to use their eyes to connect with others and also have an intuition into the feelings of others.

There will be particular times and situations within which you'll want to be more in touch and in tune with your femininity than others – being able to choose is a great skill.

In our de-gendered times a really feminine woman is a joy to behold and you can love and unleash your own unique yet universal femininity.

How hypnosis can help you feel more feminine

Your femininity lies within you. Expressing it is another matter. Hypnosis can be used to remind your deeper mind to use, and enjoy using, the part of you that is more feminine.

Far from ‘programming' femininity into you, the Be More Feminine hypnosis session helps you unconsciously express your natural femininity that may have been suppressed or lain dormant for a long time.

Download Be More Feminine now and enjoy expressing that precious part of yourself. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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