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Return to School –


Return to School –

Going back to school as an adult can feel scary. Maybe it's been years – even decades – since you did any formal education. And perhaps even then you didn't feel you were any good at academic learning, hated exams or were bullied at school and therefore have bad associations with any school-like setting.

Seeing similarities but not the differences

If school or college was a bad time for you then it's easy to confuse adult learning with childhood (or young adulthood) learning but it's essential you think about the differences. For example, we are often forced to try to learn when we don't really want to.

Now you are an adult, you want to learn for your own reasons. You are not going to be picked on or bullied at school as an adult student. If you want to go to the bathroom you can do. It is not the same now.

But I've been away from education for so long!

It's easy to lose confidence what you want to return to education as an adult. People often feel they just aren't as smart as they used to be, that their brains just don't work as well but that's just not true. If you've been away from education you've still been doing something. That something may be raising kids or working or whatever. You've still had to use your brain.

We may all lose brain cells as we age but the connections we make cells markedly increase. This means you have more available brain power than you used to, not less. Education is mostly about focus and motivation – now you are more motivated. When you were at school the teachers were rating you.

Return to Education will gently and enjoyably ‘train your brain' to relax, feel more confident and enjoy retuning to a learning environment.

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