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Blissful Touch – Let hypnosis help you rediscover your sensuality


Blissful Touch – Let hypnosis help you rediscover your sensuality

Do you remember when you were utterly entranced by the blissful touch of your lover? Even by the thought of it?

What would it be like to enjoy that magical sensuality again? Every day?

When we consider the human body, we don't often think about how amazing our skin is. The skin is the largest and most sensitive organ we have. It is our boundary with the world, it where we experience the world. And we communicate with each other through contact, through touch, via the skin. From infancy onwards, long before we have language, we touch and feel and connect with the world around us through our skin.

These are not just dull biological facts!

Falling in love is all about that blissful touch

Think about what it's like when you first fall in love with someone. Not only do you think about your beloved and how wonderful they are all day. You also long with a sometimes truly painful yearning to be near them, to be close to them. To touch and be touched by them. The smallest, slightest contact, even just sleeve against sleeve, can send an almost electric shock right through you, making you feel faint.

And as for an embrace, where you wrap your arms around each other and lose yourselves completely in a deeply passionate kiss…

Where did it go?

What you forget when kissing goes out the window

You still love your partner, you have a life together, you know how important they are to you, how important your relationship is. But where is that magical touch? Humans, they say, can get used to anything. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it does carry a risk. When you get used to a good thing, like having a beloved partner in your life, it's easy to fall into the habit of taking them for granted. They're just there, aren't they?

When this happens, you might just not touch as much as you used to. Instead of a lingering kiss on the mouth, you might have a quick peck on the cheek. Instead of long embraces, you might just have a quick squeeze. You might even no longer hold hands when you take a walk together. It's like you forget how precious and important touch is. How vital.

Can this situation be reversed? Can you get back the magic?

Oh, yes.

Hypnosis can help you restore that magic loving touch

Blissful touch is a powerful audio hypnosis session that will reignite that instinctive urge to express your love through loving touch. It is ideal for partners to use together.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that you:

  • Enjoy rediscovering the pleasures of being touched
  • Become much more sensitive to different kinds of touch
  • Experience a broader range of responses to the sensations produced by touch
  • Find yourself just naturally touching more often, and extending those moments
  • Feel the love and connection between you deepening and strengthening
  • Have so much fun!

Download Blissful touch and let yourself be carried away. Your download will include versions recorded by both male and female narrators.

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