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Fear of Violence – How this gentle hypnosis session can reduce your anxiety around the threat of violence


Fear of Violence – How this gentle hypnosis session can reduce your anxiety around the threat of violence

Is what you do in every day life dictated by fear of violence? Are you constantly looking over your shoulder? Avoiding certain places because you might be attacked?

Do you find that you don’t go out as much as you would like because of your anxiety? Do news reports give you the shivers – and make you doubly and triply cautious?

One more question. Do you have real cause to dread violence, or have your worries grown out of all proportion to the real threats that you face in life?

Violence, violence, everywhere?

Violence is not an imaginary bugaboo. It does occur, and it is terrible when it happens. It is only sensible to be aware of this and to take appropriate steps to stay safe.

At the same time, our personal experiences of violence (if we have any) can combine with the pernicious effects of media coverage to build up a quite irrational fear in us – a sense that aggression is waiting for us round every corner.

And it isn’t.

The distorted world-view of newspapers and television

We easily forget that what is conveyed to us by the news media is made up of a ragbag of exceptional events. Who would buy a newspaper with the headline “Ordinary guy has an average day”? That’s not ‘news’! But it is what is really happening out there, in most of the world, for most of the people in the world.

News and adrenaline make a distressing cocktail

The constant barrage of ‘bad news’ creates an impression that bad things are happening everywhere all the time. An important but often unrecognized consequence of this is a generally raised level of fear. Fear is a physical as well as a psychological response. Feeling afraid releases adrenaline into your bloodstream – nature’s way of preparing you for instant action.

How to calm down your fear and replace it with objectivity

But knowing this intellectually is not enough by itself to reduce the fear feelings. The emotional arousal caused by fear of violence needs to be calmed down by detaching the frightening thoughts from the emotional responses.

Overcome Fear of Violence is an audio hypnosis session created by psychologists with a deep understanding of the fear response and how it can help or hinder human functioning.

Overcome Fear of Violence gives the listener a first hand live experience of what it’s like to physically feel the emotion of fear deflating and disappearing. At the same time, your mind becomes noticeably clearer and sharper.

As you listen and relax, you will gain invaluable – and immediately effective – tools for responding appropriately to emotionally arousing thoughts or events, so that you can begin to reclaim your right to enjoy your ordinary life without worrying unduly about violence.

Download Overcome Fear of Violence and walk free. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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