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Personal Grooming – How to use hypnosis to get your mindset aligned with your personal grooming goals


Personal Grooming – How to use hypnosis to get your mindset aligned with your personal grooming goals

Personal grooming has a subtle but curiously powerful influence on your progress through life. How you look, dress and care for yourself sends signals to others about what you are like.

People give a wide berth to someone who hasn't washed for a while, or whose clothes appear unduly unkempt – but they may also be put off by more subtle things like grimy fingernails, or sour breath, or even untied shoelaces.

Looks aren't everything – all the senses count

Of course, everyone knows you shouldn't put too much emphasis on appearances. Looking nice doesn't mean being nice. At the same time, it's impossible to completely avoid being influenced by the impression someone makes on us.

This is because these signals – and their interpretation – are genetically programmed into us. Like it or not, we are all sensitive to the sight, sound, and smell of other people.

Those are not the only senses involved either – touch and taste also influence us. A blossoming romance may founder at the first kiss if one partner doesn't like the taste.

Shaking hands with someone whose skin is dry and cracked, or greasy, feels unpleasant and will predispose us against them, no matter how ‘nice' they are.

People like people who like to look after themselves

We can't help responding more positively to people who take good care of themselves.

Obviously, there are cultural differences in what we find attractive, or acceptable, but within the guidelines of our culture, we have a pretty good idea of who is looking after themselves and their appearance in a way which is attractive rather than just narcissistic. We respond better to people who dress well and smell nice.

And we respond better still to people who go beyond those two basics and really look after their skin, their hair, their hands – in short, who see to it that their whole body is sending out the subliminal signal that they are in good physical condition. (If they are fit as well, that's an added bonus!)

How can you modify the signals you send out?

The trouble is, even though we are sensitive to the signals other people are giving us by their dress and appearance, it's easy to become rather oblivious to the signals we ourselves send out.

That's because we are creatures of habit, and once we've got a personal care routine of some kind, we tend to stop paying attention to the effects. Which means we can end up sending the wrong signals without realizing it.

And even when you do realize that maybe something needs to change in how you look after yourself and present yourself, those habits can feel as if they've got an iron grip on you, and it can feel effortful and irksome to think about changing them.

This is where hypnosis can really help you.

How hypnosis can help you take your personal grooming to a new level

Personal Grooming is an audio hypnosis session which takes all the effort out of making the most difficult change – the inner change, the one that changes your mind. Because, once you've changed your mind, everything else just follows naturally and easily. We all act in accordance with what we are minded to do.

As you relax really profoundly to this session, your mind will receive powerful hypnotic suggestions that will allow you to expand your perspective on yourself, your place in the world, and how you want to relate to other people through the most important medium you have – your physical self.

The ideal way to use this session is to listen to it once a day for a week or so, and then every few days for as long as you need. You will quickly notice that you have started to make beneficial changes in your personal grooming and that you are already beginning to feel so much better about yourself and how you come across among other people.

Download Personal Grooming now and give yourself the pleasure of looking and feeling good. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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