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Martial Arts Perfect Timing – Use this powerful hypnosis session to train your unconscious to act and respond with perfect precision


Martial Arts Perfect Timing – Use this powerful hypnosis session to train your unconscious to act and respond with perfect precision

All great martial artists have fantastic timing and reflective response during sparring.

Of course you need to condition your body and reflexes by continuous training and repeated sparring experience. But to truly excel you need to fine-tune your perceptions to enhance your timing.

Perceiving time as slowing down will make your opponent seem slower so that you have more opportunity to respond and initiate movements. Your timing during sparring involves speed of initiation which is ‘off the line’ offensive movement and counter attack timing.

You need early perception, plus any hesitation needs to vanish in favor of pure definite action. The space between your movements needs to diminish so that distinct movements merge into one continuous flow.

How we perceive time

We tend to separate our perception of time down into distinct parts – such as seconds, minutes, hours and so forth. We cut time up into parts. When you think of combination moves, for example in boxing, it’s easy to think of the separate moves as existing in separate portions of time.

You have, for instance, the jab, cross, hook combination. One, two, three! But if you begin to see these three distinct movements as one then you can start to deliver combined movements as one movement making it quicker: these three movements are executed in one portion of time not three.

This is a ‘mind thing’ and needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

When you are learning combinations, blocks and punches you need to think and to analyze. However once you have mastered specific movement then you need to stop thinking.

Your instinctive mind works about half a second faster than your thinking mind; thought is too slow when you are sparring, especially when you are in the midst of movement.

Your reactions need to be pure instinct but instinct that has been refined and trained. The best way to train instinct is though practice and hypnosis.

This advanced hypnosis session will increase your confidence and get you responding and perceiving reality more effectively when you spar.

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