Dealing with Bullying for Teens

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The Best Strategies for Dealing with Bullying for Teens. Help your teen brush aside mean remarks and exclusion with calm confidence

The Best Strategies for Dealing with Bullying for Teens

Help your teen brush aside mean remarks and exclusion with calm confidence

Dealing with Bullying for Teens

Is your teen dealing with bullying, either in person or online?

Has it made them be extra withdrawn, anxious, or moody?

While we typically think about bullying as something that young children endure, it happens regularly to teenagers as well. Now, as social lives have moved online, there are more opportunities than ever for mean teens to exclude others, spread rumors, and say mean things.

And bullying has real consequences for teenagers. It can lead to a variety of negative outcomes, both mental and physical. Bullied teens often get lower grades, have difficulty sleeping, withdraw from social situations, and suffer from lower self-esteem.

If your teen is struggling with bullying, it's time to get them some help.

Why bullying happens

Over the last several years, many groups have highlighted the problems that come from bullying. Schools, celebrities, and parents have organized to fight bullying in person and online.

But it still happens. The sad truth is that bullying is hard to stop. Oftentimes, teachers and parents are just too busy to deal with every instance of bullying. And it often happens away from where authority figures can see it. That means that teens need to develop their own way to handle bullies.

The good news is that bullying can be overcome. Many famous artists, musicians, academics, comedians, and business owners were bullied as teens. Why? Because when someone is unique or has a different perspective, they display a difference that makes them a target for bullies.

Bullies point out and emphasize differences in others. These can be positive or negative. If someone is too tall, too smart, too short, or too rich, they can be a victim of bullying. By making other people seem different, bullies create more acceptance for themselves.

When teens understand why bullying happens, it becomes easier to respond to and to effectively manage.

How hypnosis can help

Dealing with Bullying for Teens is an audio hypnosis session that will help your teen respond to and protect themselves against bullies. By working directly with the unconscious mind, hypnosis can give your teen the confidence to handle bullying behavior.

As they relax and listen repeatedly to the session, they will:

  • Take bullies less seriously
  • Spend less time thinking about bullying
  • Internalize fewer insults or exclusions
  • Become able to see bullying as a reflection of the bully, not themselves.

Download Dealing with Bullying for Teens now and give your teen the tools to overcome bullies. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app, which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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