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Confident Hypnotherapist –


Confident Hypnotherapist –

As a hypnotherapist, maybe you feel like a fraud sometimes – even though you’ve trained professionally as a hypnotherapist and genuinely helped people in life-changing ways.

If this is the case you need more self belief and confidence when helping others.

There’s no such thing as a ‘hypnotherapist’

Firstly it’s important to remember if you are a hypnotherapist you are in fact a ‘psychotherapist’. There is no difference except that you are using more powerful resources within your client than therapists who don’t have hypnosis skills. This alone can give you confidence.

Attempting to do psychotherapy without understanding how hypnosis produces and maintains problems, as well as lifting them, is like trying to mine coal in total darkness.

Hypnotherapy – the original therapy

Hypnotherapy isn’t just an ‘alternative therapy’ it is in fact the mother of all therapies and where the ‘talking cure’ actually began. So you can instantly feel more confident.

Of course to be confident you need to have a good skills base and understanding. You need to know all about pattern matching, the nature of emotional trance, how the brain becomes traumatized and how to quickly de-traumatize it. You also need to know facts about depression – why and how over dreaming causes it and the best way to lift it quickly.

Relaxing with not knowing

It’s not that wonderful therapists don’t have times of confusion and bafflement. What makes them great is that they know how to relax in these times. And great therapists become great partly because they nurture the capacity to relax with uncertainty, to not know what to do next but to relax with not knowing. You need to relax and give your mind time to allow patterns to emerge, just as you wait for a photograph to develop.

Build more faith in yourself

In this induction you are going to have the hypnotic experience of walking in the shoes of a great therapist you admire. When you become more confident as a hypnotherapist your clients will subliminally detect your confidence and gain therapeutically themselves because you are more confident doing hypnotherapy.

Download Super Confidence for Hypnotherapists now and help more people.

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