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Hip Pain Relief –

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Hip Pain Relief –

Regardless of the reasons for hip pain, relief can be achieved through the use of hypnosis.

Although using hypnosis for pain relief may sound strange at first, when you consider that before modern anesthetics hypnosis was routinely used as a pain relief method, you begin to understand just how effective hypnosis can be.

Hip pain can present for a variety of reasons, and of course must be checked out medically, but if pain is ongoing hypnosis can be used to provide relief.

How hypnosis can relieve hip pain

Thousands of studies have been carried out into how hypnosis relieves pain, and it is now widely accepted that it works by having the brain ignore the pain signals. That is, the nerves still generate the signal, but the brain takes no notice and so does not generate the pain sensation.

Many people who have either tired of drugs or for whom they have become ineffective have got hip pain relief with hypnosis.

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