Hypnotherapy Can Help You Quit Vaping

Australia's new vaping regulations and reforms are now in effect as of 1st July 2024, making it harder to lawfully access non-prescription vapes. 

Changes effect the sale of vaping substances, accessories and devices.

You may have noticed the closure already of vape shops in your local area, that have previously sold these items.

Vaping bans are here! .. but don't stress, hypnotherapy can help.

Further changes to the regulations and standards are expected to come into effect later in the year. This includes a reduction in nicotine concentrations in ‘so called “therapeutic vapes”, irrespective of claims. While this change aims to reduce vaping rates, many people may struggle to quit vaping successfully, especially in the longer term

That's where hypnotherapy comes in – a powerful, proven method to help you break free from nicotine and non-nicotine vaping addiction.

Even better, at Make Changes we use a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP to help you change the way you think and feel about quitting and how great it will feel when you do.

Why hypnotherapy can help you to Quit Vaping

With over 10 years of experience assisting hundreds of people to quit vaping and smoking, I've seen firsthand how hypnotherapy and NLP can make the quitting process significantly easier.

Here's why:

  1. Addresses the root cause – Hypnotherapy and NLP target the subconscious mind, where habits and addictions are formed (rather than just addressing the physical side of the pattern).
  2. Reduces cravings – By reprogramming your mind and automatic patterns, hypnotherapy and NLP can dramatically decrease the urge to vape.
  3. Enhances willpower – Strengthens your resolve and determination to stay quit and changes your mindset, even in challenging situations and times.
  4. Stress management – Equips you with tools to help you handle stress more easily without turning to vaping.
  5. Personalized approach – Tailored sessions address your specific triggers, concerns, and reasons for quitting.

Take Back Control

Don't let the new regulations catch you off guard. Take control of your health and freedom today with hypnotherapy & NLP.

Take advantage of these changes and see them as an opportunity to change your life for the better, and sooner rather than later.

At Make Changes, we offer a guarantee of support. If you are ready and committed to quit vaping, we are committed to helping you with that. We want your success as much as you do.

Although we are sometimes lousy at asking for specific topic testimonials, we are great at helping people like you to make changes. Here are a range of testimonials for a bunch of issues. We promise to ask for some specific vaping ones soon (Maybe it could be you).  You'll find testimonials for a bunch of issues from our happy clients here.

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