What Will Be YOUR New Year Challenge?

Hoping you had a great Christmas, and enjoyed at least a small break.

This is a great time of year to reflect. Isn't it?

That's what I like to do anyway.
Spend a bit of time… and think back to what you wanted 2016 to be.
Did you get it?

What will 2017 bring to you?
The new year is a great time to make a new beginning!

What were your highlights of 2016?

Pat yourself on the back, because I'm sure you achieved quite a few things… little or big.

It can be easy to let things wizz past without celebrating the victories or wins along the way… So don't do that.

Go ahead and give yourself some credit.

If you could have anything in 2017 – what would it be?

If success was a given… what would you do?

So what's stopping you? What would you need to do to make that actually happen?

Maybe it's go on a decent holiday. Maybe it's change jobs or careers. Maybe it's reconnect with someone – or even the opposite of that – let go of someone or something. Change a habit or lifestyle even?

Think about how you can chunk any changes you want to make down into bite size pieces and start ticking them off. Work out the first step and do it soon. Get the momentum going. The decision to make a change is the hardest part.

How about taking some time out right now?

Before the new year really get's going make sure you make a bit of space for you. You may have taken a holiday already, which is great. This year how about taking a regular day or night out for yourself, or stretch it to a weekend to recharge. Go ahead and plan some fun!

Here's a short relaxation recording to help you unwind. It's just 6 minutes. Use it now or keep it handy for another time. Thanks to Judith Richards (creator of The Richards Trauma Process), for this great little tool.

Click here to relax. Feel free to forward this on to anyone you know who might like to use it.

Go ahead and create yourself a wonderful year!


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