What’s Your Reason to Stop Smoking?

Everyone has their own motives for quitting smoking. Perhaps they would like to be fitter, save some cash, or keep their family safe. As you prepare to stop smoking, think about your own motives for quitting. Remind yourself of them every day, they can motivate you to quit smoking once and for all. Whatever your motives, you will be amazed at all the ways your life will improve when you become smoke free.

Some of the most common reasons to quit smoking:

How Quitting Smoking Affects Your Health & Appearance

  • My chances of having cancer, heart attacks, heart disease, stroke, cataracts, and other ailments will go down
  • I'll breathe easier and cough less
  • I'll be less likely to get ill
  • My teeth and fingernails will not be stained
  • My blood pressure will go down
  • My skin is going to appear healthier, and I'll appear more youthful

Although stopping will make you feel better and boost your health, there are many other reasons to discontinue that you might not have contemplated:

How Quitting Smoking Affects Your Body & Lifestyle

  • My food will taste better
  • My clothes will smell better
  • I'll have more money to spend
  • I can spend more time with family, catch up on work, or dive into my favorite hobby
  • I will not have to worry about when I can smoke next or where I can or can't smoke
  • My car, house and children will not smell like smoke
  • I'll manage to smell food, flowers, and other things a LOT better

How Quitting Smoking Affects Your Loved Ones:

  • I'll place an excellent example for my children; it takes lots of strength to quit
  • My friends, family, co-workers, and other loved ones will be proud of me
  • I'll protect my family and friends from the dangers of secondhand smoke
  • I will be fitter so that I can keep up with my kids or grand kids
  • My kids will be fitter because I will have more energy to play with them
  • I'll have more energy to do the things I love with friends and family
  • I'll get healthy to make sure I ‘m around to share in my family's particular moments

Make a list of all the reasons you would like to become Smoke free. Be sure that it remains in a place at which you will see it often, like your car or where you keep your cigs. When you are feeling the necessity to smoke, have a look at the list to remind yourself why you want to quit.


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